Today the children had a very exciting lunch and afternoon with their Christmas lunch and then a special visitor in the afternoon. Each of the children received a present. Thank you to the CHIS parents for organising this and all their help today.

This week the children have enjoyed fractions and this will continue after the holidays. So far we have investigated fractions of shapes. We will move onto fractions of numbers. At home you might like to talk about halves, thirds and quarters when sharing or cutting / dividing food or objects. We have also introduced the new vocabulary of numerator (the top number of a fraction), denominator (bottom number of a fraction) and Vinculum (the line of the fraction).

The children were very enthusiastic when investigating changing materials when we made biscuits and then iced them to look like melting snowmen. We discussed reversible and irreversible changes.

We have designed and begun to make our carts from 1666. Today the children assembled the chassis and added strips of card to look like the side of a cart. We hope to add wheels and axles next week!

We were very proud of our Year 2s when we went to the church to sing songs to support the Year 1 tableau. The children were all well behaved and sang joyfully.

There is no home learning this week as the children are very tired after all their hard work this term.

Have a lovely weekend

The Year 2 Team.




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