We ended the week with our Red Noses on, enjoying another cheerful Cunningham Chaos. Once a half-term, the children can choose a different classroom to spend their golden time. Today they were ready to enjoy some different activities after another busy week in Year 1.

In Maths we have been measuring objects using non-standard measurements such as lolly sticks, cubes, paper clips, as well as their own hands and feet. They are learning the vocabulary to measuring and comparing length and height (the river is long ~ the bridge is tall; the table is taller than the chair, etc).

They created a Easter Garden with Mrs Lyal to re-tell the story of Easter.

After reading the book Lost and Found, by Oliver Jeffers, the children discussed what makes a good friend. Today in their writing session they produced a guide of how to be a good friend. They describing good friends as being sharing, kind, generous and good listeners, as well as being people who make them smile and talk to them when they are sad.

We have been practicing the songs for the Spring Concert and the children have been fantastic at learning the words especially as some of them are quite tricky.

We hope you have a great weekend. See you all on Monday for our last week of term.

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