Cunningham Hill Infant School Newsletter – April 2018


katherine cooperOver the last few weeks we have been looking at the school’s ‘Learning Powers’ which were introduced to the children last year. These are the shark, dolphin, octopus and penguin. Please click here to find out about what each one stands for. Adults around the school are always looking for these learning powers around the school. Recently the staff have been reviewing the Marking & Feedback policy. Click here for the updated policy. Staff will be sharing this with the children over the next couple of weeks. Last week myself, Mrs Fernandes, Mrs Barwin and Miss Spencer had an SLT day where we reviewed the school’s key priorities and also planned for next year. There are exciting things to come. On the 5th May, Mrs De Vynck will be cycling 100km during ‘Ride the Night’. To find out more, please click here.



All key dates are listed on the school website:

  • 1.5.18 Governors morning
  • 3.5.18 Childnet workshops for parents- 2pm or 6pm
  • 7.5.18 Bank Holiday- School Closed
  • 8.5.18 Class Photo
  • 12.5.18 CHISS May fair
  • 14.5.18 Walk to School Week
  • 16.5.18 Year 1 Trip to Ashridge Estate
  • 17.5.18 Year 2 Trip to Heartwood Forest
  • 24.5.18 Year 2 Scooter Training
  • 28.5.18 to 1.6.18 Half Term

Saturday 12th May- CHISS May Fair from 11am. Please click here for further details. Please come and support CHISS.

Moments from Year 2

Year 2 have begun their new topic of ‘What is life like down under?’ We will be finding out about life in Perth, Australia and comparing it to life in St Albans. We have already begun some aboriginal art work. We also look forward to our morning at Heartwood forest and hope the weather is good for us to see habitats and urban verus rural.

Moments from Year 1

The Summer Term has started well in Year 1 and the children are already enjoying the new topics. We have been reading a variety of Traditional Tales and focusing mainly on Jack and the Beanstalk. They can retell the story, always adding more details. In Music, they are retelling this tale with the help of instruments and songs. We are looking forward to our trip to Ashridge Estate where we will learn about green plants and mini-beasts in a beautiful natural environment. Please return the forms and payments as soon as possible. In History, we are learning about Great Explorers and they have already shown great interest in the travels of Christopher Columbus. They asked interesting questions and showed good knowledge of the continents they have learnt previously.

Moments from Reception

This month in Reception we began our chick incubation project with Aldenham Country Park. This has developed their understanding of growth and change as well as caring for creatures. We started the project with a visit from Aldenham where the children saw chickens and ducks in class and had the opportunity to stroke them. They then discussed the similarities and differences between both birds as well as the male and female of each bird. They have shown an interest in the lifecycle, understanding how chicks grow inside the egg, hatch out using their egg tooth, then grow into a chicken. Some children have enjoyed sequencing the lifecycle or drawing and writing about the chicks. The children have looked inside the eggs using candling equipment to see how our chicks are developing. They could see the shadow of the chick moving and described what it looked like. The children and adults are looking forward to the chicks hatching in the next few weeks and seeing how they develop.


It was lovely to see Anna and Mahdiya’s super Maths work. I look forward to seeing more achievements to go into the Golden Book.

cunningham infant logoVALUES

This half term Blue class choose the value compassion. With Mrs Fernandes the children said that compassion is about helping others, being kind to one another, sticking up for your friends, being fair and caring for others.

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