The children are writing new scenarios for our focus book this half-term, which is a very entertaining book called “Fortunately, Unfortunately” by Michael Foreman. Milo the monkey tries to return his Grandma’s umbrella and encounters all sorts of ordeals on the way, volcano, pirates and aliens amongst them. On Wednesday, Green Class thought up incidents which could happen subsequently and came up with some fantastic ideas – carried away by a bird, landed on the moon, rescued by aliens who are now on the moon, meeting Tim Peake. They have drawn some pictures to show their ideas and tomorrow they will think of some good words to describe them.

In Music, the children are learning a song about Noah’s Ark. They choose instruments to accompany the action, selecting the instrument which makes the right sort of sound – in terms of dynamics, note length, timbre – and then played them in the way which best portrays the action.

On Tuesday afternoon, Mrs Reed and Miss Brookfield introduced the children to Kandinsky and his abstract form of Art. The children created some careful, beautiful multi-coloured circles and were completely engrossed in the activity. These, and other work from this half-term, will be available for you to see on the “open afternoon” which will be the last Thursday of this half-term. If you would like to pop in and see the children’s work before this, after school one day, you are very welcome to do so.



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