Today, Red and Blue class were visited by Vihaan’s mum and Anish’s parents to talk about how their family celebrates Diwali.

Vihaan’s mum shared the Diwali story and showed some photos of

  • Fireworks, explaining they are important as it is the festival of light,
  • Rangoli patterns which are used as a welcome outside the door, not only for Diwali but other Hindu celebrations
  • Diya lamps that they place both indoors and out, sometimes in a pattern

She kindly brought in some flowers and leaves to make a large scale class Rangoli pattern, as Hindu’s often use flowers or coloured powder. She encouraged us to think about circles as we made it, but explained they come in other shapes too.

Anish’s parents showed a PowerPoint which explained the 5 days of Diwali celebrations. Some examples of preparations for Diwali are

  • Bathing themselves and their children in special oils
  • Cleaning the house
  • Preparing food for the celebration
  • Having a day with their family to celebrate

They explained the 5 days concluded with a special celebration with fireworks as this signifies that it is the festival of light.

Thank you to both families for giving up your time, it was very enjoyable!

Happy Diwali!


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