This morning, Red and Blue had a fantastic time at the Fire Station.

The children had a look at a fire engine, seeing what was on it including tools to open doors, hoses and ladders. They then got to have a go at trying on the uniform, thinking about why the boots and trousers were together for speed. Every child had a go at climbing into the fire engine and using a hose to squirt water, mainly at the teachers!!

We asked what they enjoyed about our trip…

Harry S “I liked it when I got in the fire truck”

Hiba “I liked it when I squirt water”

Ziyad “I liked it when I was in the fire engine”

Harry “I liked all the parts of it”

Tabitha “I liked the bit when we sprayed the hose around”

Johan “I like the noises of the fire engine”

Aaliya “I liked everything”

Penny “I like the bit when we went to the fire engines”

Akhil “I liked it when we were spraying water, I sprayed water everywhere”

Oscar “I liked it when we all got wet”

Anna “I liked it when the lights were flashing when we were walking”

Adam “I liked the war helmet, the black one that was stuck on the wall”

Mahdiya “I liked the noise that the fire engine makes”

Toby “I liked the part when they get dressed in the uniform”

Lila “I liked it when the fire engine went to the real fire”

Spencer “I like the bit when they got dressed really fast to go to an emergency”



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