Today we have had a day thinking about Bonfire Night.  The children had music with Mr Bainbridge, thinking about the sounds of fireworks, such as a Catherine Wheels, Bangers and Rockets.  The children used their hands and played instruments, whilst singing a song.  They might be able to sing it to you at home.

We then went outside to make firework pictures collaboratively.  We thought about the shapes needed to make our pictures, for the rocket, a rectangle and triangle, for the banger/sparkler, lots of long rectangles and for the Catherine Wheel, spirals.  The children had great fun running around grabbing handfuls of leaves.

We then made firework pictures, thinking about splatting paint, blowing it and using forks to drag the paint.

We read the story of the Gunpowder Plot and the children felt that Guy Fawkes was a “very naughty man.”

We discussed how to keep themselves and any pets safe around fireworks and sparklers.




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