Today, Red and Blue spent the morning tasting a range of foods.

They tried cucumber, peppers, kiwi, plum, pineapple and pomegranate. We discussed how we were eating a rainbow of foods, with some being green, some pink, some orange and some yellow. We spoke about skins not always being the same colour as the actual fruit, this was noticeable with kiwi and plum.

We encouraged the children to smell, touch, lick and taste each food. We were so impressed with how many children tried and enjoyed all of them.

We used cucumbers as smiles, peppers as swords, plums as fangs, this was enjoyed by all.

The children described how each felt and tasted. We had descriptions such as sour, fresh, watery, yummy, delicious, crunchy, sweet, juicy and slippery. Cucumber and pineapple were clear favourites, however many children enjoyed the pomegranate too.

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