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Welcome to the blog for our foundation classes. The year group blogs are a great communication tool. Teachers will be posting news, photographs, details of homework, examples of work, and anything they wish to share with their pupils and parents. Please speak to your class teacher if you have any question, feedback or concerns.

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Additional Teaching Support

Our children usually start school, aged 4, into the Foundation Stage Classes. We believe that they should have a slow and steady start to school so that they can become confident in their surroundings and their teachers, feel safe and supported by the routines and valued as individuals to learn and grow in every way. The children enjoy their learning which follows the guidance in the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. We offer the children a wide range of stimulating and enriched experiences, both indoors and outdoors, so they can develop their skills in an interesting context.

Our visit to Aldenham Country Park

Red and Blue Class had a great time on Friday at Aldenham Country Park.  We had a very exciting (loud) coach journey there.  One group of 30 made dens for the teddies and the other group visited the farm and adventure playground.

The dens were incredible, the children rolled logs, carried heavy branches and found food and warmth for the teddies.

The farm was very exciting, as we went to visit our chicks and ducks.  It was difficult to recognise ours, but all looked happy in their new home!

The adventure playground was very challenging and with lots of help from Mr Miah, some children managed the whole course.

The coach journey back was a little bit quieter, but no less exciting!

What a great day!


A hot but fun week

We’ve had a good week in Reception, whilst it’s been very hot, we have;

  • Watched the fantastic Year 2 play
  • Watched our older brothers and sisters at the Juniors Sports Day
  • Played instruments in the rounds with Mr Bainbridge
  • Sang in the round with the whole school
  • Played parachute games on the field, keeping the ball on the parachute, or trying to get it off!
  • Performed in the School Talent show, the remaining children will perform next week

Next Friday is our school trip, if you haven’t yet paid or returned the consent forms, please do so Monday.

Have a lovely weekend

Miss Lewis and Mrs Barwin



Mud, mud, glorious mud!

Today, Red and Blue Class celebrated International mud day.  We asked some of the children for ideas, which included;

  • Dinosaurs wallowing in thick oozy mud, with twigs, bark and grass
  • The mud kitchen
  • Elephants, hippos and pigs rolling in runny gooey mud
  • Hand painting, finger painting and footprints
  • Mudcastles

We had a fantastic morning and the staff are hoping that being covered in mud will be like a free Champney’s treatment!!

We are having trouble uploading photos, since having our systems updated.  We will keep trying.

Have a lovely weekend


Week 2 in Red and Blue Class

This week has been full of enrichment activities;

Aboriginal dance workshop – a dance teacher taught us aboriginal dance moves, thinking about Australian animals and native dance moves

Healthy Eating Workshop – Linked to National Healthy Eating Week, the children had a carousel of activities, to question their current knowledge and educate them about healthy eating, balanced diets, exercise and hygiene.  The carousel included;

  • why water is best
  • describing fat
  • eat a rainbow
  • how I’m made
  • sweet tooth
  • roots and shoots
  • where does it come from

The children then had a fun fitness session, moving like they were playing various sports etc.

Next week we are looking forward to Sports Day, if you are able to help, by taking a group of 6 children around the activities, please let the Team know.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Barwin and Miss Lewis

School Councillor Elections


From this half term onwards, Reception children are invited to stand for the position of School Councillor.  2 children are elected from each class, to meet with myself frequently, taking on roles within the school.  We are sending home election forms this week and they need to be submitted by Monday 18th June.  You can write the presentation for your child, but it must be their ideas.  It is optional, so if your child doesn’t want to stand, they have lots more opportunities in Year 1 and Year 2.

Any questions, please ask.

Mrs Barwin

First Week Back in Red and Blue Class

We have had a great first week back after our half term.  We have had a focussed week on reading, listening to every child to check their fluency, pace, tone and comprehension.  We are very pleased with the progress the children have made, thank you for your support at home, it really does help.

Next week is our “Spirited Arts” week, where we look at all religions, discussing how people have different beliefs, attitudes, customs and traditions and why it is important to treat them with respect.  We will also continue to look at similarities and differences between themselves and others and among families, communities and traditions.

If your child has something they would like to bring in that links to your religion, family traditions or culture, please do so.  If it is of sentimental value or precious, please let us know first.

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Lewis and Mrs Barwin

Reception Mud Kitchen – top soil request


In Reception, we are celebrating International Mud Day on the 29th June.  We therefore need to make sure we have enough mud for our Mud Kitchen! If you are buying bags of soil/top soil and have any leftover, we would gladly take it off your hands.

Any questions, please speak to Miss Lewis or Mrs Barwin.

Many Thanks


Ducks, singing in the round and walk to school week

We have had a great week, we have;

  • watched a duck hatch
  • helped a duck to survive (even through the night)
  • sang in the rounds with Mr Bainbridge, singing traditional songs, including, London’s Burning, 3 Blind Mice and I hear thunder
  • met with Students from Beaumont School for a Book Project
  • Celebrated walk to school week

We hope you have a lovely half term, rest well.  See you in June.

Miss Lewis and Mrs Barwin


Thank you school councillors

A huge thank you to the School Councillors for giving up their time on Tuesday to sell the left over May Fair bits and pieces.  They negotiated very well and gave change (when prompted)  Thank you to the parents for your generosity.  We raised £13.15.


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