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Welcome to the blog for our foundation classes. The year group blogs are a great communication tool. Teachers will be posting news, photographs, details of homework, examples of work, and anything they wish to share with their pupils and parents. Please speak to your class teacher if you have any question, feedback or concerns.

Mrs Barwin

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Additional Teaching Support

Our children usually start school, aged 4, into the Foundation Stage Classes. We believe that they should have a slow and steady start to school so that they can become confident in their surroundings and their teachers, feel safe and supported by the routines and valued as individuals to learn and grow in every way. The children enjoy their learning which follows the guidance in the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. We offer the children a wide range of stimulating and enriched experiences, both indoors and outdoors, so they can develop their skills in an interesting context.

Red Class Number Exploration

This week, Red class have really enjoyed looking at numbers. We painted 1-10 and then counted to place the corresponding number of prints from a sponge, a key, a cotton reel or a cutter on to the number.

Some children decided to use numicon in playdough and paint. They counted the number of holes printed in the dough or on to the page and some children had a go at writing the number. This was then extended to use several numicon pieces together to make teen numbers.

We put out a number ‘bingo’ to place counters or numicon pieces on. This showed how the children could count accurately using 1 to 1 correspondence. We then encouraged the children to check their counting or a friends.

DSC04222 DSC04225 DSC04227 (2) DSC04228 DSC04240 DSC04208

At the start of the week, the children really enjoyed the wind and used wind toys as they ran. Some children explored shadows outside and saw how the shadow was longer than they are. Some children then drew round their shadows.


Have a lovely weekend


Miss Lewis

Blue Class – such a busy week

This week has been a busy week, enjoying sun, rain and wind!

We have been using adjectives to describe characters from a familiar story (Hairy Maclary)

We have painted large fruits and vegetables to go along side our fantastic writing and healthy food choices.

We painted the characters from Hairy Maclary, even Scarface Claw!

We have been talking about numbers, we have painted numbers to 10, printed on them and matched them to the word and Numicon piece.

We have been using the djembe drums in Music with Mr Bainbridge and making biscuits with Mrs Redshaw.

Could you please ensure your child has their reading book and diary in their book bags every day!

I think we all deserve the weekend.

See you next week.

Happy Weekend

Mrs Barwin

DSCN0885 DSCN0978 DSCN0979


Enjoying the rainy day

Red and Blue Class had a great morning in the rain.  The children asked to;

  1. sweep the puddles
  2. use sponges
  3. draw pictures to leave in the rain.

The children had fun sweeping the puddles, we added washing up liquid to see what would happen.  The children were so excited and cleaned the playground!!!!

We gave the children containers to squeeze the rain water into.  We discussed the containers being empty, half full and we didn’t quite get to full. The children told us that soapy water was harder to soak up, as it went “bubbly”

Some children placed their pictures on the wall by Red and Blue Class, one child decided to place their picture face down in a puddle.  We watched and predicted what would happen and have some lovely learning from our morning.

Have a lovely weekend.


Miss Lewis and Mrs Barwin

DSCN0857 DSCN0848 DSCN0833 DSCN0829DSC04127 DSC04136 DSC04152 DSC04160 DSC04164

Red and Blue PE

Red and Blue Class have been learning with small and large apparatus in PE.

The children learnt to start on a shape mat and then moved on to climb (confidently!!) across beams, benches and ladders onto a stool. We have been encouraging the children to use their arms and legs to support their weight. We then looked at jumping safely and landing on a mat. Some children have been climbing down from the stools to develop confidence.

We then used floor apparatus, such as ladders, hurdles and arches. We looked at jumping over, running through, crawling under and using alternate feet.

We are so proud of the children’s increasing confidence and their determination when learning with the apparatus.

Mrs Barwin and Miss Lewis

2016-01-08 015 2016-01-08 024 2016-01-08 025 2016-01-08 029 DSC03738 DSC03748 DSC03749 DSC03754 DSC03762 DSCN0666 DSCN0667 DSCN0719 DSCN0720 DSCN0726 DSCN0732

Red and Blue Class enjoying the crisp winter weather

Red and Blue Class have been enjoying the sunny, frosty mornings.  We went out on a Winter walk first thing discussing frost, ice and sunshine.

The children have chosen the areas for inside learning.  Red Class asked for a garage with a variety of vehicles and penguins in ice.

Blue Class have borrowed the pirate ship from the hall and asked for vehicles, mats and duplo people.

Singing and Movement with Mrs Cameron was great fun, singing ‘Here we go round the mulberry bush’ with the children changing each verse, linked to something they do before coming to school “This is the way we brush our teeth….. this is the way we comb our hair….”

We are looking forward to more djembe drumming tomorrow with Mr Bainbridge.

Miss Lewis and Mrs Barwin




Tasting Fruit and Vegetables

Red and Blue Class has a visit from The Rainbow Fairy today. The fairy taught us about eating healthy foods, particularly fruit and vegetables. We found out that it is important to eat a rainbow of colours of fruit and vegetables in order to make us healthy. We each coloured in a rainbow to show what we had learnt.

We learnt songs about eating fruits and vegetables then had a chance to try some.

DSC03856  DSCN0745  DSCN0742

We tasted:

  • Cabbage as it helps our tummy. We used the cabbage to make monster fangs!
  • Peppers and had a sword fight with our friends.
  • Persimon (Sharon Fruit) which we had to suck off the plate!
  • Bananas to make us go from sad to happy.

We were pleased to see the children trying so many different fruits and vegetables!

Every child was given a Persimon to take home! Yummy!!

DSC03876 DSC03885 DSC03907 DSC03910 DSC03918 DSCN0759 DSCN0763 DSCN0769

Red Class Roleplay

Happy New Year!

Red Class have had a fantastic start to their first week back. On Tuesday the children decided they would like a new roleplay area. After a vote, it was decided that we would turn our roleplay into a Rocket, as suggested by Sammy-Joe. The children knew we would need numbers to help us with a countdown ready for Blast Off!

After a discussion, Red Class decided what they would like in the rocket, such as aliens, a moon, stars and space suits. Several children decided to make a rocket and painted it using a variety of colours, it looks brilliant!

DSC03730 DSC03731 DSC03732

Some children used their roleplay imagination in a different way as they decided to make their own furniture for the dolls house in the tuff tray. We have had tables, cupboards and food made using a variety of resources. The tables and cupboard even stand up so the dolls can sit underneath!


Week 1 in Blue Class

What a great start to the new term.  The children have come back so sensible and calm, they even seem to have grown (or I’m shrinking!)

We had a fantastic session with Mr Bainbridge playing the Djembe drums.  The children followed a pattern, tapped their name thinking of how many syllables and played and stopped on a cue (tricky)

We are already looking forward to using them again next week.

DSCN0643        DSCN0646

Happy New Year

Happy new year to you all,  we hope you had a happy and restful holiday!

We are very excited about this half term, with a big focus on number and healthy eating.

On Monday 11th January your child will be coming home with a Healthy Me Chart, this will be their first piece of Home Learning.  Therefore Red Home Learning books will be sent home on Friday 15th January.

The chart will come with clear instructions on how to complete it with your child.

We would like all charts returned on Monday 18th January, as we will be using them that week for discussion.

Many Thanks

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