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Welcome to the blog for our foundation classes. The year group blogs are a great communication tool. Teachers will be posting news, photographs, details of homework, examples of work, and anything they wish to share with their pupils and parents. Please speak to your class teacher if you have any question, feedback or concerns.

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Our children usually start school, aged 4, into the Foundation Stage Classes. We believe that they should have a slow and steady start to school so that they can become confident in their surroundings and their teachers, feel safe and supported by the routines and valued as individuals to learn and grow in every way. The children enjoy their learning which follows the guidance in the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. We offer the children a wide range of stimulating and enriched experiences, both indoors and outdoors, so they can develop their skills in an interesting context.

Red Class meet Beaumont Students

Today, Red Class were very lucky to meet students from Beaumont school. Everyone was paired up with a student and each will be making a book for the children in our class.


The students spoke to Red Class about their interests and friends so they could make a personalised book based around things they enjoy and like.

To top off a fantastic time, each student read a story to their partner.

We had a great time meeting you all and look forward to seeing the books. Well done to Red Class for talking so clearly about their interests!


This week in Red Class

The children have had a lovely week in Red Class.

Mrs Maitland kindly taught everyone how to make felt! The children manipulated the felt to make a background, then wet it, added decorations and rolled it out. We are so proud of the children showing such an interest and working so hard.

7 children stood for election to School Council, they each prepared a speech and shared this confidently with their friends. We then asked questions and they were able to give some ideas to us. Congratulations to our new councillors and well done to you all for your speeches.

The children enjoyed the skipping day today, remembering to jump like Tigger.

Enjoy the weekend

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Congratulations New School Councillors

Huge congratulations to our new School Councillors who have been elected today.  We are thrilled that we have 4 new Councillors from Red and Blue Class.  Our new Councillors are:

Red – Alex B and Ollie

Blue – Bonita and Sam

Purple – Taneem and Emily

Green – Eddie and Teghan

Gold – Catherine, Toby and Daniel (3 due to a draw)

Silver – Kyle and Sarah

I look forward to working with you over the remaining Summer Term and Autumn 1.

Please look out for their photos in the foyer.

Well done!

Welcome Back, Red Class

This week, Red class have been enjoying our new areas in the classroom. We have seen a lot of children learning in the role play, camp site. The children have thought about what they would need to take if they went camping, some have written lists.


We have loved hearing about the adventures the children went on over half term, from visiting grandparents to several children going to the London Eye. The children decided to write their holiday news and I have been very impressed with their indepedent writing skills.


In PE the children explored skipping and hopscotch to practice various jumping skills. They had to think about jumping from one foot to two.


Blue Class – Thinking about our holiday

We have had a lovely time this week sharing our holiday news with our Learning Partner.  We then stood up and talked about our partners news, to check we were listening!

The children then wrote or typed about their news.  The children who chose to type their news coped very well with the capital letters on the keyboard and some are becoming familiar with the space bar, return key and full stops.  We even had laptops out, to see if the children could log in independently and use the sensor mouse pad (it was quite tricky!) but they enjoyed working on them.

We have been enjoying the fresh air, gardening, sweeping and generally playing and exploring.

We are thinking about capacity next week, so we are praying for sunshine, as tidying up is much easier outside after all the investigations!!


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