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Welcome to the blog for our foundation classes. The year group blogs are a great communication tool. Teachers will be posting news, photographs, details of homework, examples of work, and anything they wish to share with their pupils and parents. Please speak to your class teacher if you have any question, feedback or concerns.

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Additional Teaching Support

Our children usually start school, aged 4, into the Foundation Stage Classes. We believe that they should have a slow and steady start to school so that they can become confident in their surroundings and their teachers, feel safe and supported by the routines and valued as individuals to learn and grow in every way. The children enjoy their learning which follows the guidance in the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. We offer the children a wide range of stimulating and enriched experiences, both indoors and outdoors, so they can develop their skills in an interesting context.

Reception’s First Harvest

Yesterday, Red and Blue class experienced their first harvest festival. The children sang beautifully (and some danced) for a range of songs, a favourite being ‘thank your lucky stars’.

The children had been eagerly rehearsing two songs to perform on their own in front of the school and their parents. They sang the alphabet song and the Potato song. The children very quickly learnt the call and response and knew which group they were in.

It was a lovely afternoon and we hope you enjoyed their first performance!

Well done to all of the children!


Mrs Barwin and Miss Lewis


DSC03044 DSCN0078

Our scarecrows – Didn’t they do well!

We hope you have seen our fantastic scarecrows – possibly the most glamorous in St Albans.

Quotes from the children;

“They will scare the crows away.” Lucca

“They will keep the crows from eating our food!” Nancy

“The birds eat all our food.” Eleanor

“Scarecrows have hats and scarves and clothes” Jonny

“She has tights for legs.” Evie

“I like it” Neha

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The male scarecrow found it hard work, so had to have a little rest on the wall!!!

From Miss Lewis and Mrs Barwin



Our very own Stick Man

This week we have been reading the story of Stick Man.  The children went on a stick hunt on Monday morning, finding some fantastic sticks.  On Tuesday the children created a stick man on the carpet.  On Wednesday the children in Blue Class will work with the children in Red Class to create one large Stick Man for a display in the hall.  You will be able to see their amazing ideas at Harvest Festival next week.

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Democracy Day

As part of Hertfordshire Local Democracy Week, we have talked to the children about democracy and what it means. We had a visitor today, Sandy Walkington from a local party, who talked to the children about the role he plays as a local councillor. This afternoon the children are going to take part in our own poll to vote on their choice of non uniform for the 23rd October. We have made our own polling station, with booths, our own ballot papers and a ballot box. We will let you know the results once all the votes have been counted by our school councillors.

Red Class Drama Workshop

Today, Red Class enjoyed a drama workshop held by ‘Perform’.

The children listened beautifully and joined in with the story using a variety of actions.

They were hiding from a dragon, pretending to be bats, flying like owls and pulling a sword from a stone, amongst others. A particular favourite was helping the witch find her cat, Rapunzel. Each child then stroked the cat when they finally found her!

The children showed how well they could balance and freeze in different positions as well as follow instructions.

DSC02906 DSC02919 DSC02933 DSC02934 DSC02946

Blue Class – our learning

We have had a good week in Blue Class, we have;

  • had our Mummies and Daddies in school to see our learning
  • had singing and movement with Mrs Cameron
  • been learning songs for our Harvest Festival
  • been splashing in puddles
  • been making scarecrows (Cunningham Hill Scarecrows!!)
  • been making a tractor for the back board in the hall
  • been thinking about celebrations

and it’s only Wednesday!!!!

Photos to follow.

Many Thanks

Mrs Barwin


A busy week in Red Class

Red Class have enjoyed a wide range of activities this week.

We began the week with an autumn walk, looking at how the weather changes and seeking signs of change. The children enjoyed selecting autumnal, orange leaves and brought them back to class to create pictures. They then chose a media to use to create a picture, some children did leaf rubbings, some stuck leaves on paper, some painted and printed their leaves and others drew around them.


We then had our first PE lesson. The children undressed independently and sensibly put their kit on. We looked at moving in different ways, stopping on a signal, changing directions, making our bodies into shapes and even managed some partner work! Mrs Cooper heard how fantastic the children had been and presented us with a gold sticker!


We have had some further time on the apparatus. We have our first child who is confident on the monkey bars without any support. Well done!


Have a lovely weekend.


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