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Welcome to the blog for our foundation classes. The year group blogs are a great communication tool. Teachers will be posting news, photographs, details of homework, examples of work, and anything they wish to share with their pupils and parents. Please speak to your class teacher if you have any question, feedback or concerns.

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Additional Teaching Support

Our children usually start school, aged 4, into the Foundation Stage Classes. We believe that they should have a slow and steady start to school so that they can become confident in their surroundings and their teachers, feel safe and supported by the routines and valued as individuals to learn and grow in every way. The children enjoy their learning which follows the guidance in the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. We offer the children a wide range of stimulating and enriched experiences, both indoors and outdoors, so they can develop their skills in an interesting context.

Lost Property – Our School Councillors are shocked!

Our School Councillors have spent some of their lunchtime sorting the lost property box.

It’s overflowing with lovely body warmers, trainers, school jumpers and cardigans.

A message from our councillors – “please name your clothing and if you buy second hand clothing, remember to cross the old name out and put your child’s name in, thank you.”

DSCN0407 DSCN0408

Bring Your Parent to School

What a fantastic day! Red Class enjoyed having so many parents in to share their learning.

This morning we looked at a story about a Bear and then the children described the bear so that I could draw him. They chose brown for his fur, circle for his head, semi-circle ears, two eyes, a nose and mouth. We had a vote for which shape the body would be, oval or circle, and decided on circle. We then discussed how a bear has paws not hands. The children thought of the first sound in each part of the body to label him.

This afternoon we shared our learning in PE. The children looked at balancing on different parts of the body, such as hands, feet, one leg, and their tummy. We then used this to move like different animals. We chose

– A giraffe, balancing on our toes

– An elephant, balancing on the whole foot

– A bunny, balancing on our hands

– A bird, one foot

– A snake, our tummy.

We had some other fantastic suggestions and enjoyed seeing the different movements the children could come up with.

Over the rest of the week, we have looked at positional language and how to place ourselves, or other objects, in different places and then describing where they were.

We have been exploring a variety of new technology such as Kidizoom cameras and Construct a bots. The children have been very excited by these!!

DSCN0315 DSCN0316 DSCN0317

Can you help us in the EYFS?


We are trying to improve our outdoor area and 1 quick and simple way would be to improve the resources for our water trays.

If you have any empty plastic bottles (of all sizes) could you please pass them to Miss Lewis or myself.

If you have any guttering, pipes, u bends, then again, we would love to take them off your hands.

We are basically looking for anything plastic for the children to use to investigate water play.

Many Thanks

Mrs Barwin

Blue Class – Having fun learning


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It has been a busy few weeks in Blue Class.  We have been;

Thinking about numbers, the figure, the objects and then using Numicon to match.

We have been talking about size and measuring.  We used cubes, buttons and then moved on to rulers, meter rulers and even a trundle wheel!

We have been learning about Diwali.  Gowri’s Mummy and Daddy came into class to talk to us and share some photos.

We have been enjoying our new technology – remote control cars, cameras and talking clipboards!

Every child has been given a reading book, which we hope you are enjoying together.

We have been thinking about how to use our bodies to balance in PE and today started to move and balance like animals!  The children did incredibly well with an audience!!

Today it was ‘Bring your parent to school day’  It was a great day and was lovely to see so many children proud of their learning and their classroom.  Thank you for coming.  If you couldn’t make it, don’t worry – there will be more opportunities during the year.

Have a lovely weekend.

Kind Regards

Mrs Barwin




Welcome to our newly appointed School Councillors

Last week was Election week.  We had a record number of children standing to be their class Councillor.

I’m happy to announce the following children were elected;

Purple Class – Theo and Ava

Green Class – William and Amy

Gold Class – Logan and Maisie

Silver Class – Blu and Emily B

Congratulations, I look forward to working with you.

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