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Welcome to the blog for our foundation classes. The year group blogs are a great communication tool. Teachers will be posting news, photographs, details of homework, examples of work, and anything they wish to share with their pupils and parents. Please speak to your class teacher if you have any question, feedback or concerns.

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Our children usually start school, aged 4, into the Foundation Stage Classes. We believe that they should have a slow and steady start to school so that they can become confident in their surroundings and their teachers, feel safe and supported by the routines and valued as individuals to learn and grow in every way. The children enjoy their learning which follows the guidance in the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. We offer the children a wide range of stimulating and enriched experiences, both indoors and outdoors, so they can develop their skills in an interesting context.

Icy play – safely!

This morning the children were very excited to go outside to investigate the snow and ice.  We discussed keeping safe and walking, in case there was black ice.  Some of the boys asked to sweep the snow away, so we found spades and brooms and left them to it!  They took turns and shared, scraped the snow to one place and even put cones around a really icy patch.

Some of the children noticed that the water had turned to ice in the tuff tray, they broke it up and carried it by hand or on their spades to the pile of snow.  We added boats to the tuff tray and talked about icebergs!

What a lot of fun, even if the adults feet were frozen!


Collaborative Learning in Red and Blue

This week, Red and Blue class have been learning collaboratively with their partners. This encourages the children to learn with somebody who they may not have during their independent learning and show confidence to speak to them.

Some children attempted a puzzle with their partners, having to communicate about where pieces may go which encouraged their partner to listen to their ideas and follow their instructions. Some pairs used the box to explain what the puzzle should look like.

Other pairs played a game where they needed to take turns such as Bingo or a shopping game. This meant they had to wait until their partner had finished their go before they started, showing patience.


Eco Ambassadors first meeting

Today, the Eco Ambassadors met with Mrs Barwin and Miss Lewis.

They discussed the impact we had during Switch Off Fortnight and how they had encouraged their peers to

  • turn off the lights as they leave a room
  • use 1 paper towel as they wash their hands
  • turn off the taps after washing their hands

Some ambassadors had even reminded their parents!

Today’s meeting focussed on recycling. We checked each classroom had a paper recycling box. Red, Blue and Purple did and now Gold, Silver and Green do thanks to the ambassadors reminding them.

The ambassadors said they will check the boxes and when they are full will ask an adult to take them to the bins.

The ambassadors next role is to discuss with their class how we can be more eco friendly, they will share ideas at our next meeting.

Thank you to our ambassadors.

Our very own Superheroes

Our learning this week was based around the story of Traction Man.  The children had to draw Traction Man, describe him and retell the story using the story sack table.  We asked the children to bring in their favourite Super Hero toy from home today.  This morning they dressed up as Superheroes, saving the world and spinning their webs.  This afternoon, they talked about their favourite hero, why they liked them and then had to tell us something they are good at.

It’s been a great week, with lots of descriptive language, role playing and celebrating what we are good at.


Press Release for local papers re links with our local care home


We have been working with Mitch from Orchard Care Home to produce a press release for our local newspapers.  Here is a full version, however a shorter version has been submitted to hopefully appear in The Review and Advertiser.

We are so pleased how well it’s going and hope to continue into the new year, going once a week.

Yesterday Miss Lewis took some of your food donations, they were incredibly well received, so thank you again.

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Barwin and Miss Lewis

Pupils from Cunningham Hill Infant School have been working with a local care home to take part in an initiative to promote wellbeing and reduce loneliness. For the past month, 10 Reception children have visited Orchard Care Home. Initially, they sang to the Residents and have since invited them to play instruments as they sung and join in with colouring activities.

The children have thoroughly enjoyed their visits, starting to make links with the residents that regularly attend.

The Staff from the School are looking forward to taking their Christmas celebrations to the Care Home and continuing with the exciting project in the new year.

Mitch Puscuta, the activity coordinator at the home, said: “We live in a segregated society where the young and old generation don’t have a real opportunity to interact with each other. We are now living in an era where children do not have access to their grandparents like they used to, so I really think we should do all we can to mediate this interaction between these two age groups.

Here, at The Orchard Nursing Home, we really feel how that this intergenerational interaction brings meaning, new energy, joy and enthusiasm to each others’ lives. These kind of intergenerational activities make the elderly feel valued as individuals who still possess lifelong skills, rather than just being passive recipients of care.

After one of the activities with the children, one of my residents said, with tears in her eyes: “I forgot about my age when I am in the company of these children. They bring joy in our care home”.

But this was not just about helping the elderly, I strongly believe that the children enjoyed the increased attention too, and had more opportunity to develop their social and emotional skills. These interactions increase their confidence and promote friendships.

Elderly and children, past and future, I think we are all living in the same time and the best way to enrich our present experience is to build a bridge between generations.

I want to say a big thank you to the management of Cunningham Hill Infant School, to the parents who offer their support and special thanks to Clare Barwin who made all this possible. “



Eco Ambassadors and Switch off Fortnight

Today Miss Lewis and Mrs Barwin launched Switch Off Fortnight.  We discussed with the children how they can save electricity and switch off, such as;

  • Turn off lights when they leave a room
  • Put a jumper on, before heating
  • Only play with technology for a while, then turn it off.
  • Turn off plugs – where possible
  • Don’t waste bath water
  • Turn off the taps and take shorter showers

We then selected 2 children from each class to represent the School as Eco Ambassadors, they are;

  1. Gowri and Alexander
  2. Helena and Osman
  3. Toby H and Aaliya
  4. Aiden and Tasnim
  5. Louis and Lin
  6. Khadija and Joshua

We look forward to working with them to make our school even more Eco friendly.

Positional Language in PE

Yesterday in PE, Red and Blue made links to their Maths learning of positional language.

They explored travelling under, over, through, on, up and down a range of apparatus. After they had tried each piece of apparatus they explained how they moved, using their positional language.

They were very enthusiastic trying the apparatus, remembering to stay safe and wait for their turn. They understood they start on a shape mat then only jump when there was a larger mat.

Leaf collecting and Windy materials

Today we noticed the leaves on the trees were blowing in the wind so decided to explore what would happen to material in the wind. The children had material and held them up in the wind, then decided to run with them.

Some children decided to roll their material up and see if the wind would unravel it as they ran.

A group of children decided to collect piles of leaves from around the apparatus, field and playground and put them in bin bags. They collected 2 bags full!!

Remembrance Day – Poppies

This week we asked the children to make poppies.  They had 3 choices and picked their favourite.  They could choose from;

  • painting poppies with corks
  • cutting out poppies to layer up, adding a black circle
  • cutting out one circle on red paper, adding the black circle

It gave us a good opportunity to see who could use scissors.  Please give your child opportunities at home to use scissors.  They can cut up catalogues or newspapers etc.

We then had a whole school assembly to remember the fallen soldiers.

Traditional Tales in Red and Blue

This week, Red and Blue have been looking at traditional tales, with Red Class exploring The Three Little Pigs and Blue Class exploring Goldilocks and the 3 bears.

They started the week by hearing the story, then learning how to represent this as a story map or story S using pictures. We thought about questions you could ask the wolf and Goldilocks, such as ‘why did you blow the house down?’ and ‘why did you break baby bears chair?’ Both classes described the characters in the story, thinking about what they looked like or their personality.

Blue Class then thought about how to keep safe, such as don’t go in somebody else’s house and wrote a letter of apology to the bears.

Red Class wrote an invitation to a party to encourage the wolf to learn how to be kind. They then thought about different materials we could use to build houses, deciding if they were strong or less strong, they even tested some by blowing blankets, leaves, paper and a plastic box.

Can your child retell the story for you at home? Can they draw the characters and label them with initial sounds or using their phonic knowledge? Can they draw you a story map?

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