As part of Healthy Eating Week, Red and Blue class took part in a fruit workshop this afternoon.

They had a look at the outside of a variety of fruit and predicted what colour the fruit would be inside. They were surprised that a dragon fruit was white and black inside and that a cantaloupe was orange inside.

They then had the option to try some fruit including dragon fruit, apple, blueberries, star fruit, grapefruit and take part in a lime challenge, eating it without pulling a face.

We watched as 2 children from each class rode a bike to blend a smoothie which they got to try later.

We asked what they thought of the workshop

“I liked trying new things” Caitlin

“I liked eating the fruit” Eli and Isha

“I like drinking the smoothies” Izma

“I enjoyed eating the apple” Chace

“I liked it when the teachers went on the bikes” Valentina – Yes they did get us to have a go!!

“I like eating a dragon fruit” Penny

“I liked when Mrs Cooper ate the lime because her face went red” Toby

“I like trying the new fruit” Johan

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