We finished the week with games outside – hopefully the start of many PE sessions outdoors this summer. The children really enjoyed controlling the ball by rolling it and then trying to roll the ball to a partner while a third player tried to intercept it.

Maths has continued learning about numbers to 100 by comparing numbers a providing different reasons as to why one is greater or less than the other.

We have continued the learning from the Victorian day at the sea by writing a postcard including activities which people would have done about 100 years ago.

During guided reading, one-to -one reading and whole-class story time we look for the clues which tell us which expression to use when reading; and we ask the children to read all texts with cadence and intonation, re-reading some parts with more expression if need be. If you could also do the same with your children when reading at home, that would really help their development in reading.

The photos show some of the healthy plants the seeds are growing into. The children enjoy seeing what happens to them on a day-by-day basis and are starting to use the words for the different parts of the plant correctly.

It’s just over a week till the May Fair! The children have told me what wonderful cooks their parents are and what goodies you will cook for the fair! Please send any more contributions next week. Thank you. Wishing you all a happy, sunny weekend.

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