This week all the children in the school have been learning about how to keep themselves safe on modern day technology, including lap tops, mobile phones, ipads, kindles and tablets. This was because it was National Internet Safety day last Tuesday 7th February.

Each class has heard a story about Smarti the Penguin to┬ásee how he learns to be safe whilst using his new tablet. There is a catchy song that goes with the story so begin singing to your child(ren) Before you click, click, click….This story and song can be found on the Child Net website along with other resources that you might like to use to discuss Esafety with your child.

The children were also introduced to several Esafety characters found on the Think U Know website which has a section which is specifically for 5 to 7 year olds. Superhero SID also has a catchy song!

Please do take time to talk with your child about Esafety and what they should do at home if they were to come across or receive something that was not appropriate or nasty. We talked about seeing things that made us have a butterfly feeling in our tummies and upset us.

Have fun but more importantly, keep safe.

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