Cunningham Hill Infant School Newsletter – January 2018


katherine cooperTowards the end of last term the school was visited by our Hertfordshire Improvement Partner. She confirmed that the school continues to provide an outstanding education. Thank you to all the staff here as they are so dedicated and work so hard so that all the children have the best education. Mrs Barwin and her EYFS team have made a fantastic link with the local care home. The Reception children visit the care home weekly. They play games, sing and provide company for the residents. A local newspaper have written an article. Please click here to read it. We have recently had a successful Health and Safety audit. The school councillors played an important part by walking round with Mrs Wilson pointing out hazards, for example jumpers and coats on the floor rather than the pegs in the cloakroom. They fed back their findings in assembly and reminded children of what needs to be done to stay safe.

cunningham infant logoHealthy Eating

The school has recently reviewed the Healthy Eating Policy. Please click here to read the policy especially the section on packed lunch. Remember we are a nut free school.




All key dates are listed on the school website:

  • 26.1.18- Whacky Clothes Day
  • 27.1.18- CHISS Quiz Night
  • 30.1.18- Learning with your child (by appointment only)
  • 31.1.18- Learning with your child (by appointment only)
  • 1.2.18- Learning with your child (by appointment only)
  • 1.2.18 to 8.2.18- Travelling Books
  • 6.2.18- Safer Internet Day
  • 8.2.18- Skipping Workshop
  • 9.2.18- Book look
  • 9.2.18- CHISS Cake Sale

Moments from Year 2

Year 2 have begun this terms topic on St. Albans this will have a geography and history focus. We are hoping to visit the new museum but we are awaiting confirmation of its reopening. The children enjoyed learning about what geography is and have enthusiastically been using atlases to see where we are in the world with a more detailed focus on identifying the countries/ seas of the United Kingdom.

They are starting to use a compass to identify where places are in relation to each other within the UK. If you have time it would be lovely for you to walk around St. Albans and identify the main landmarks for example the Abbey, Clock Tower and then discuss if they are north, south, east or west of where they live.




Moments from Year 1

We have started our topic for this half-term with an amazing workshop on Toys of the Past led by History off the Page. The children were immersed in a “Toy Museum” where they could play with toys from the past and discussed how toys have evolved throughout the years. They then had the opportunity to have a go at making some toys from the past. We would like to thank all the parents who could help on the day.

We are also really proud of how much they have enjoyed the Maths unit on Time. They can tell the time to the hour and half past. We constantly update books on Bug Club and have noticed very few children are using the app to help with their reading. Please talk to someone on the Year 1 team if you are having problems accessing the portal.




Moments from Reception

Reception have been participating in National Bird Watch fortnight, by making bird feeders. They rolled a mixture of fat and flour in seeds, made them into a ball and then hung them in the trees for the birds. We discussed how the fat in the mixture is to help keep the birds warm and the seeds are a treat. We discussed where the best places for the food would be. They understood that if the food was on the floor, cats and foxes could get to it before the birds or scare the birds off. The children watched clips of birds pecking at the ground to see how in the winter the ground is hard so it would be difficult to find worms. We then explained this is why we make feeders, to help ensure the birds have food. The children made bird hides and binoculars in class to enable them to see the birds, some children drew the birds they had seen and labelled them. Some children used Purple Mash to colour in a bird and then clicked and dragged to move labels around, or typed their own.  We are now starting our new topic “People Who Help Us.”  If you would like to come into School to talk about your occupation, please speak to any of the EYFS Team.


Well done to Sylvie for her super number work, Rhys for his detailed labelling and drawing of a bird, Osman for his sawing and Leo and Jamal for their clear written instructions,

cunningham infant logoVALUES

This half term’s value was decided by Green Class, which is Respect. The children talked about this value with their class teacher. They agreed it is about taking care of each other, treating people the way you want to be treated, listening to each other, making people feel important, being kind to people and not interrupting people. There are already children who have been added to the values tree by showing respect.

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