Green Class has done some Easter-related activities over the past few days. Mrs Lyal made hot cross buns with them and the children wrote sentences saying what the different parts of the hot cross buns represent. “They don’t look like the ones you get in the shop,” said one child! They looked quite delicious. The photos show the children racing to hide tiny wooden Easter eggs for their partners to find, on their directional instructions. The Easter concert saw some lovely singing. Year 1’s rendition of “Noah’s Ark” was excellent and they showed their good understanding of dynamics by changing the volume of the verses according to the events being described. We had good fun today, working as team, remembering left and right and which months are in which season by playing parachute games. It’s great to be able to play games like “cat and mouse” as the children are safe, considerate and follow the rules very well. ┬áIt was very exciting today to see that the tree in our garden has some small leaves, as the buds uncurl to make green leaves. There are now some bulbs flowering and next term we will start planting some more plants and watch what happens. Thank you for coming in and sharing your child’s work. You are very welcome to do that any day after school. We have discussed that today is the last day of March and that tomorrow it will be April, the fourth month of the year.

I wish you all a safe and happy Easter holiday together and look forward to seeing you all again in April.



















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