There was lots of singing in the last week of school. The children had been practising lots of songs, learning words and tunes very well. They sang at the year 2 leavers’ concert, about nocturnal animals, in keeping with our focus on animals in the summer term. Then they sang at the Meeting where the school said good-bye to Mrs Cooper, Mrs Lyal and me, Mrs Gibbons! They worked very hard to learn new songs for these adults, including some songs with special words, which was very touching and a reflection on the kindness and commitment shown by both staff and children to the departing teachers.

We completed our Maths learning about Capacity, when they children engaged in very good discussion about how to work out proportions of containers – eg if 2 quarters of the jug are full, is half empty?

In the last few weeks we learnt about different minibeasts – the parts of the body, what they eat, where they live. If you have some time over the holidays – and the sun comes out! – you could do a minibeast hunt with your child, either in the back garden, a park like Highfield or at more organised events. I read, this morning, that Aylett’s have a “butterfly corner” this summer, for example. The Nature Detectives website has lots of good ideas and free spotter and information sheets.

I hope you all have a very happy – and warm! – summer wherever you go and whatever you do. I am hoping that I will bump into families over the summer and beyond and will very much look forward to hearing your news. Green Class has been a wonderfully attentive, thoughtful and cheerful class. They have grown in maturity over the year and their skills have improved, through their own efforts and dedication – and support of parents. Hopefully, the children will have as many happy memories  of Year 1 as I have.


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