Our History Off the Page day was really successful. They children thoroughly enjoyed all the activities.

First they went around the toy Museum and had the opportunity to handle toys dating back to the 1700s and discuss what these toys had in common with the toys they are familiar with and what was different. They talked about how the evolution of materials influenced the way children play along the centuries. These are some of the toys they played with.

On our second session, the children were archaeologists and had to dig to find objects and parts of toys from the past. They then sorted them into toys and non-toys, which materials were they made of and created a timeline with the objects.

To finish the morning, they were introduced to wind-up toys.

Finally, in the afternoon they made their own toys in the toy factory. They have taken the toys home to enjoy with their families.

Thank you very much to the parents who helped during the day. We do appreciate and without your support we are unable to carry on such enriching activities.

Year 1 Team

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