Today I met with the School Councillors to discuss;

“Label It” Campaign – the amount of lost property due to items of clothing not being named.

Christmas Charity – which Charity to  support this year.

Anti Bullying – feedback and what next.

Bru asked that we find a way to donate to a hospital and children who won’t receive many Christmas presents.  So we agreed on donating our collections after the Christmas Play performances to Great Ormond Street and collecting toys for the Salvation Army.  The rest of the Councillors thought that Great Ormond Street was a good charity to support.

Our councillors looked at the lost property pile and returned items to people where possible.  Please have a look in the end corridor if you are missing any clothing.

We discussed Anti Bullying Week, which we acknowledged last week.  I asked the councillors one thing that they could remember from last week.  Every councillor could tell me how bullying is different to being rude or mean.  Selma said “bullying is when you hurt people and also when you hurt peoples feelings over and over agin, not just Monday, but more than Monday.”  Eva said “bullying is hitting the same person over and over again.”  I asked, is bullying just hitting?  Lucca replied,  “No, hurting people, telling them that they are not your friend. You could be mean, rude or bullying.”

Selma made 2 posters at home “I made this poster because to tell people that bullying is wrong.  The other one is for people to colour in.”  We made photocopies of the posters for each class and the councillors will explain to their classmates why Selma made them.  Thank you Selma!

I would like to thank our new councillors for such a productive meeting.

Mrs Barwin




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