Today we have been learning outside (even more than normal) for Outdoor Learning Day.  We have been learning in groups of 15;

  • making one large train track, working cooperatively, taking turns, problem solving
  • doing observational drawings of flowers, then picking our favourite to place in water with string to have a hanging ice sculpture. Working in groups of 3, cooperating, listening and taking turns
  • Making junk modelling boats, one per group of 3/4.  Testing it to see if it floats and making changes to make it even better. Thinking about working as a team, making only 1 boat and problem solving to make it even better
  • Making a kite, listening to instructions, and being accurate, to ensure it will fly

We have had a brilliant morning and we are looking forward to more fun this afternoon.

Thank you for your donations towards the kites, your child will bring it home this afternoon.

Miss Lewis and Mrs Barwin

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