Tomorrow is our trip to Paradise Wildlife Park.

We are unsure of what the weather will be like so please dress your child appropriately, ensuring they have their school t-shirt, school jumper or cardigan, comfortable bottoms such as leggings, tracksuit bottoms or shorts if it is sunny. Please send your child with a named coat and sensible footwear such as trainers or school shoes. If it is suddenly sunny, please ensure you have applied sun cream prior to the trip.

Please send your child with their lunch in a named plastic or paper bag, with ONLY disposable items in such as foil, plastic food bags or plastic spoons if they have yoghurt. We would appreciate if you could send your child with a named disposable water bottle too. We won’t be able to bring items back.

Your child will not need a book bag or ruck sack.

Thank you

Miss Lewis and Mrs Barwin

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