We have been working with Mitch from Orchard Care Home to produce a press release for our local newspapers.  Here is a full version, however a shorter version has been submitted to hopefully appear in The Review and Advertiser.

We are so pleased how well it’s going and hope to continue into the new year, going once a week.

Yesterday Miss Lewis took some of your food donations, they were incredibly well received, so thank you again.

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Barwin and Miss Lewis

Pupils from Cunningham Hill Infant School have been working with a local care home to take part in an initiative to promote wellbeing and reduce loneliness. For the past month, 10 Reception children have visited Orchard Care Home. Initially, they sang to the Residents and have since invited them to play instruments as they sung and join in with colouring activities.

The children have thoroughly enjoyed their visits, starting to make links with the residents that regularly attend.

The Staff from the School are looking forward to taking their Christmas celebrations to the Care Home and continuing with the exciting project in the new year.

Mitch Puscuta, the activity coordinator at the home, said: “We live in a segregated society where the young and old generation don’t have a real opportunity to interact with each other. We are now living in an era where children do not have access to their grandparents like they used to, so I really think we should do all we can to mediate this interaction between these two age groups.

Here, at The Orchard Nursing Home, we really feel how that this intergenerational interaction brings meaning, new energy, joy and enthusiasm to each others’ lives. These kind of intergenerational activities make the elderly feel valued as individuals who still possess lifelong skills, rather than just being passive recipients of care.

After one of the activities with the children, one of my residents said, with tears in her eyes: “I forgot about my age when I am in the company of these children. They bring joy in our care home”.

But this was not just about helping the elderly, I strongly believe that the children enjoyed the increased attention too, and had more opportunity to develop their social and emotional skills. These interactions increase their confidence and promote friendships.

Elderly and children, past and future, I think we are all living in the same time and the best way to enrich our present experience is to build a bridge between generations.

I want to say a big thank you to the management of Cunningham Hill Infant School, to the parents who offer their support and special thanks to Clare Barwin who made all this possible. “



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