First of all, thank you to all parents who could make to Parents Consultation this week. It is always a great opportunity to celebrate achievements and discuss ways to move the children’s learning further. As always, if you have any other questions or there is anything you would like to raise following our conversations, feel free to see us after school. In general, the children in year 1 are ready and looking forward to moving to Silver Class and we have all confidence that they will do as brilliantly as they have this year!

Following our Spirited Arts Day last Thursday, we handed out the certificates to the 10 children whose artwork was selected to enter the 2017 Spirited Arts Competition. We are very proud of the three Year 1 school finalists. To read more about this NATRE initiative, please visit their website.

Year 1 winners

In Maths we are learning about capacity and volume and we have been doing various practical activities using rice or water. The children are applying their knowledge of halves and quarters to discuss volume of different containers.

Since the whole country is following the Wimbledom Championships, we decided to practise our serving (throwing underarm and overarm). Despite the heat, the children had great fun and also joined in with the running and skipping races with great enthusiasm.

If you are asking yourself why the children came back home with their own pictures… Today we used our imagination to create a story: What would it be like to be as small as one of the mini-beasts we have been learning about? How would it feel if all of a sudden we shrunk? Once again, the children produced lovely pieces of very creative writing. I couldn’t stop thinking about one of the favourite movies of my youth “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids”. Trying not to show my age here!

If you haven’t yet signed in to come to school on Friday, there are still a few places available in the morning. I am really pleased with the interest in the day so far and look forward to share our learning in Purple Class with all the parents. Also, please do come and visit our class to see some of the children’s work on display and have a preview of their next year’s classroom.

Finally, a couple of photos from our Sports Day last Friday.

Have a lovely weekend and I see you all again on Monday.

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