This week Red and Blue have been making bird feeders. They rolled a mixture of fat and flour in seeds, made them into a ball and then hung them in the trees for the birds. We discussed how the fat in the mixture is to help keep the birds warm and the seeds are a treat.

We discussed where the best places for the food would be. They understood that if the food was on the floor, cats and foxes could get to it before the birds or scare them off.

The children watched clips of birds pecking at the ground to see how in the winter the ground is hard so it would be difficult to get worms. We then explained this is why we make feeders to help ensure the birds have food.

The children made bird hides and binoculars in class to enable them to see the birds, some children drew the birds they had seen and labelled them. Some children used Purple Mash to colour in a bird and then clicked and dragged to move labels around, or typed their own.

See if your child can use the software on Purple Mash on birds at home.

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