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Welcome to the blog for our School Council where we will be adding posts after our regular meetings. If you have any questions about the School Council please speak with Mrs Barwin.

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Mrs Barwin

School Councillors Traffic Watch May 2017

Our School Councillors have taken part in a month of “Traffic Watch.” They have been coming to school early every Friday to complete a survey.  They have the following comments to make;

“Please could you be better at not parking on the zig zag lines” William

“Cutting through the car park – the cars could run the children over. Please hold their hands and use the pavements.” Cara

“Thank you for holding your children’s hands, because if you weren’t they might run off.” Rebecca

“Please can you stop scooting through the school” Claudia

“You need to stop scooting through the school” Freddie

“Please stop parking on the zig zag lines, because it is very dangerous” Dexter

Thank you to Miss Lewis, Mrs Durrant and Miss MacKay for helping every Friday.

Have a lovely weekend and keep safe.

Mrs Barwin

Traffic Survey

Today, the School Councillors completed their first traffic survey.

The children were checking that

  • No children or adults cut through the car park
  • Children walked their scooter along paths instead of riding them on the school grounds
  • No cars were parked on zig zag lines
  • Children were holding their parents hands.

We were pleased to see that a lot of children were holding hands with parents. Half of the children rode their scooters, while some walked them along paths. Next week we will be checking that scooters are walked to the shelter for parking.

We only saw 1 car parked on the zig zag lines but saw 3 families cut through the car park.

Please ensure you remember to use paths, the councillors will be checking!

The children will compare the results once they have completed 3 surveys. Well done to the councillors for remembering this morning.


School Council – Health and Safety Walk with Mrs Cooper

Today the school councillors joined Mrs Cooper, Mrs Wilson and Mrs Durrant on a Health and Safety walk around the school.  They walked around every classroom, the walkways, the library, hall, discovery room and all the areas outside on the playground looking and checking for any potential dangers or hazards. One of the things the children noticed was that there were some coats and bags left on the floor in the cloakrooms.  The councillors have agreed to remind the children to keep coats and bags on pegs, so the children will not trip over them.  They also looked at the computer cables to make sure they were all tidy.  The councillors all agreed these were safe.  Cara also made a very good point that headphones should be put away carefully keeping the wires neat. Whilst we were in the library Dexter noticed that there were some chairs blocking the “fire exit” , the children moved the chairs into a safe place clearing the “fire exit”.  Sanaa said the Health and Safety walk was good as it helps to keep everyone safe.  We are very proud of our School Councillors, they have all been very responsible taking their role very seriously.  Well done to all of you!!! Mrs Durrant



Congratulations to our newly elected School Councillors

Well done to our new School Councillors who were elected today.  I’m looking forward to working with you on a Health and Safety Audit and a safety review of parents cutting through the car park, children scooting on school grounds and parents parking on the zig zag lines.

Huge congratulations, see you soon for our first meeting.

Have a good weekend

Mrs Barwin

  Plus 2 Year 2 children, who can’t appear on the website.

School Councillors – busy behind the scenes


Our School Councillors are busy behind the scenes at the moment.  Since Christmas they have;

  • Looked at the amount of lost property in school and returned named items to the children throughout the school.
  • They are preparing for a Health and Safety Walk with Mrs Cooper and Mrs Wilson, thinking about clear walkways, tidy computer cables, clear fire exits and looking out for trip hazards.

In April, the children will be looking at safety at drop off times, looking for people who use the paths, push their scooters on School grounds and ensuring people don’t cut through the car park or park on the zig zag lines.

Many Thanks

Mrs Barwin

Eco Meeting by Samuel Ryder 6th Form Students

Yesterday we had a visit from our Sustainable School Partner for Eco Awareness – Samuel Ryder, they work with us to share their knowledge.

The two 6th Form Students took whole school meeting and led a quiz about how to care for our planet.  Our children were incredibly well behaved and made us all very proud. They had lots of prior knowledge about recycling and how we are affecting our planet.

We then showed Samuel Ryder our next Eco project “Upcycling” which you will hear more about very soon.

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Barwin and Miss Lewis


Eco Ambassador Meeting

Today the Eco Ambassadors met with Miss Lewis and I to discuss our next Eco Project.

We are going to take part in Waste Aware Week – 6th – 10th March 2017.  Our Ambassadors are going to let you know which tasks we will participate in, once they have agreed them with Mrs Cooper.

We hope to have some fun tasks for you to help your child with at home.

Many Thanks

School – Councillor – Label it Campaign

Our School Councillors have been looking at the pile of lost property in the end corridior.

They have written a letter to parents asking them to label every item of clothing.

Dear Parents and Carers

We are the School Councillors and wanted to write to you. This is the amount of lost property in our school since September 2016.

We could have no lost property if you ‘LABEL IT’ please.

Thank you.

James, Bru, Zishan, Selma, Tim, Neha, Eva, Lucca

dscn4147  dscn4153

Our School Councillors have been busy

Today I met with the School Councillors to discuss;

“Label It” Campaign – the amount of lost property due to items of clothing not being named.

Christmas Charity – which Charity to  support this year.

Anti Bullying – feedback and what next.

Bru asked that we find a way to donate to a hospital and children who won’t receive many Christmas presents.  So we agreed on donating our collections after the Christmas Play performances to Great Ormond Street and collecting toys for the Salvation Army.  The rest of the Councillors thought that Great Ormond Street was a good charity to support.

Our councillors looked at the lost property pile and returned items to people where possible.  Please have a look in the end corridor if you are missing any clothing.

We discussed Anti Bullying Week, which we acknowledged last week.  I asked the councillors one thing that they could remember from last week.  Every councillor could tell me how bullying is different to being rude or mean.  Selma said “bullying is when you hurt people and also when you hurt peoples feelings over and over agin, not just Monday, but more than Monday.”  Eva said “bullying is hitting the same person over and over again.”  I asked, is bullying just hitting?  Lucca replied,  “No, hurting people, telling them that they are not your friend. You could be mean, rude or bullying.”

Selma made 2 posters at home “I made this poster because to tell people that bullying is wrong.  The other one is for people to colour in.”  We made photocopies of the posters for each class and the councillors will explain to their classmates why Selma made them.  Thank you Selma!

I would like to thank our new councillors for such a productive meeting.

Mrs Barwin




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