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Welcome to the blog for our School Council where we will be adding posts after our regular meetings. If you have any questions about the School Council please speak with Mrs Barwin.

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Mrs Barwin

May Day Celebrations

The sun has been shining gloriously all day, perfect for our traditional May Day celebrations. The May Kings and Queens looked truly beautiful and radiant and all the children waited beautifully in the hall, for the arrival of the auspicious guests. Everyone sang our well-loved and traditional songs – your older children  may remember them: “Cowboy Spring”, “Why does it happen each spring?”, “I love the flowers” and “Cuckoo”. The cuckoo song was the starting point for an interesting conversation with Green Class about cuckoos and their unusual habits.

This was a wonderful start to spring proper; and we all hope that this glorious weather continues.

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School Councillors Safety Watch March 2016

Our School Councillors have been meeting every Friday at 8:40 to see how safe our children are when arriving at school.

These are their findings;

  1. Some children scoot down the path instead of walking
  2. Some parents cut through the car park instead of staying on the path
  3. Some parents park on the zig zag lines
  4. Some children ride their bikes in school

A message from our Councillors;

Irfaan “Please wait for the cars to pass through before crossing the car park entrance.”

Scarlett “Please do not park on the zig zag lines.  Please can you walk more than driving.”

Umar “Please don’t go on the zig zag line, because you might get hit by a car.”

Anya “Make sure your children park their scooters.”

Some children walk across the flowers, please stick to the paths, our daffodils spell out CHIS, which we are very proud of.

Many Thanks

Our School Councillors

Lost Property – Our School Councillors are shocked!

Our School Councillors have spent some of their lunchtime sorting the lost property box.

It’s overflowing with lovely body warmers, trainers, school jumpers and cardigans.

A message from our councillors – “please name your clothing and if you buy second hand clothing, remember to cross the old name out and put your child’s name in, thank you.”

DSCN0407 DSCN0408

Welcome to our newly appointed School Councillors

Last week was Election week.  We had a record number of children standing to be their class Councillor.

I’m happy to announce the following children were elected;

Purple Class – Theo and Ava

Green Class – William and Amy

Gold Class – Logan and Maisie

Silver Class – Blu and Emily B

Congratulations, I look forward to working with you.

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