Today the school councillors joined Mrs Cooper, Mrs Wilson and Mrs Durrant on a Health and Safety walk around the school.  They walked around every classroom, the walkways, the library, hall, discovery room and all the areas outside on the playground looking and checking for any potential dangers or hazards. One of the things the children noticed was that there were some coats and bags left on the floor in the cloakrooms.  The councillors have agreed to remind the children to keep coats and bags on pegs, so the children will not trip over them.  They also looked at the computer cables to make sure they were all tidy.  The councillors all agreed these were safe.  Cara also made a very good point that headphones should be put away carefully keeping the wires neat. Whilst we were in the library Dexter noticed that there were some chairs blocking the “fire exit” , the children moved the chairs into a safe place clearing the “fire exit”.  Sanaa said the Health and Safety walk was good as it helps to keep everyone safe.  We are very proud of our School Councillors, they have all been very responsible taking their role very seriously.  Well done to all of you!!! Mrs Durrant



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