Our School Councillors have taken part in a month of “Traffic Watch.” They have been coming to school early every Friday to complete a survey.  They have the following comments to make;

“Please could you be better at not parking on the zig zag lines” William

“Cutting through the car park – the cars could run the children over. Please hold their hands and use the pavements.” Cara

“Thank you for holding your children’s hands, because if you weren’t they might run off.” Rebecca

“Please can you stop scooting through the school” Claudia

“You need to stop scooting through the school” Freddie

“Please stop parking on the zig zag lines, because it is very dangerous” Dexter

Thank you to Miss Lewis, Mrs Durrant and Miss MacKay for helping every Friday.

Have a lovely weekend and keep safe.

Mrs Barwin

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