It was another exciting week in Year 1. The children talked a lot about the weather, especially by observing the effects of storm Doris on our school life. They could verify the force of the wind when one afternoon we saw the waste bin moving around in the playground and we even noticed one turned bench in the quiet area. No learning opportunity can be missed!

In Geography, the children are starting to identify and name the seven continents. They have been practising a little song: “Tell me the continents, tell me continents, tell me if you can. North America, South America, Europe, Africa and Asia. Don’t forget Australia, don’t forget Antartica. Tell me the continents, tell me the continents, tell me if you can!” They will know the tunes, if you help with the words.

This half-term we are incorporating traditional tales to our dance unit. The children have already enjoyed telling the story of Goldilocks and the 3 bears using movement to the beat of different musical instruments. During the gym/apparatus sessions we are improving our balancing skills.

“We are painters” is the title of our Computing unit for Spring 2 and we have started our project to illustrate an eBook. The children will learn to use Paint to create and change images on the computer and to insert this picture on a Word document. In groups they will illustrate the story of Little Red Riding Hood, each child in the group creating the illustration and text to one part of the story. During this unit we also look at pictures on the web, discussing the importance of using the internet safely and appropriately.

As mentioned in a previous post, we are creating our own versions of the book Fortunately, Unfortunately by Michael Foreman and in Purple Class Milo ended up on top of a coconut tree from where he was, unfortunately, pushed by a monkey but, fortunately, ended up landing… Well, let’s not spoil the surprising end. We will continue to work on our stories and will have a workshop on Friday, with a very special teaching guest, when the children will be producing pop-up books. Watch out this space.

As you will have noticed, we have returned the home learning books with a new activity grid for this half-term. Feel free to ask for the extra sheets for some of the activities as specified on the grid.

Kind request: Could you please make sure your child has a complete PE kit at school. Also, could the children also keep their reading diaries, reading books, library books and home learning books in their book bags once they have used them to be available at school every day.

We hope you are enjoying the weekend and see you all next week for more learning.


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