It’s the weekend again and the children in Purple Class have been very busy learning loads of exciting things.

They have been closely watching the metamorphosis of painted lady butterflies. They were really excited when they each transfered one delicate caterpillar into a pot with some special food. They observe them everyday and have been very careful when doing so. They were so impressed when they came back on Monday and most caterpillars had changed into chrysalides. They then watched when Mrs Hogan transfered each of the chrysalides to the inside of the net using a sticker. Now we are anxiously waiting for them to emerge as beautiful butterflies. Watch this space!

We had our first lessons on multiplication (as repeated addition) and division (as sharing) and the children are showing how much they have learnt so far and how they can apply their knowledge of doubles and halves, number bonds, part-part-whole model as well as becoming more independently with their choice of manipulatives. This week we have used cake cases, counters, straws, cubes and money to practise repeated addition. They are all really enjoying this unit. In one of our lessons they had to crack a code: which and how many of a 2-d shape can you make if you have 12 sides? They quickly solved it and moved on to find out how many variations of shapes could they make if they had 20 sides… There were many possible combinations. Below you can see that they could find out they could make either 6 squares (or rectangles) or 8 triangles. They then carried on finding out combinations of both shapes. They were so engrossed on this investigation they didn’t notice it was lunch time!

Fingers crossed for good weather next week to make our Sports Day possible on Friday. Purple Class has been practising the skills needed for the races and they are loving it. They are getting really good at getting into their groups and taking part in the races. We look forward to seeing many families joining us on Friday for an afternoon of races and fun!

Today the children took part on the St Albans celebrations by coming to school in blue and yellow. Many thanks for your kind donations.

Eid Mubarak to all celebrating the Eid al-Fitr.

See you on Monday for another fantastic week of learning adventures, especially our REAL day on Thursday: a day full of  RE, Arts and Literacy.

Have you all a cool weekend.

Mrs De Vynck


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