This week Year 1 did the best form of Science – hands-on. The children explored their five senses through feeling, tasting, smelling, hearing and looking at a great variety of objects. They then thought of really good adjectives to describe what they’d just sensed in preparation for a poem about the senses, which they wrote today.

Purple Class has learnt about the four countries which make up the UK. They made some fantastic suggestions as to what the word “kingdom” could mean, such as the dome belonging to the king. You could talk to your child about which countries in the UK your family members come from or live in and practise saying the 4 countries which comprise the UK. We also talked a bit about the Union Jack flag, capital cities and the patron saints of each country. One of the home learning activities is to label each country in the UK correctly. Green Class will do this learning next week.

There are signs of new life in the plants at school, which is very exciting – and welcome! – and forms part of the new RE topic of “Easter” which is taught by Mrs Lyal in both classes. Talking about the plants you can see growing now would be excellent home learning One of the year 1 one objectives for Science is to know the names of common plants. Children can think that all flowers are daisies or sunflowers unless other flowers are pointed out and explained.

In Maths, the children continued to learn about adding and subtracting from 2-digit numbers by regrouping one lot of ten into ten ones and then subtracting the single-digit number. They can use Dienes proficiently to show their understanding. Next week we will move onto fractions of shapes and quantities.

The children are enjoying the sessions on the apparatus very much and they are focusing on balancing just now – balancing on small parts of the body, and becoming more adventurous. Green Class got braver and braver and did some excellent balances, such as balancing only on 2 hands either off an “A-frame”, or on one of the platforms.

The new school councillors were elected today. Well done to the children who were elected and also well done to everyone who stood. The children formulated their own ideas very well and explained them clearly to the classes.

Wishing you all a happy, relaxing weekend.

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