This week, Red and Blue have been looking at traditional tales, with Red Class exploring The Three Little Pigs and Blue Class exploring Goldilocks and the 3 bears.

They started the week by hearing the story, then learning how to represent this as a story map or story S using pictures. We thought about questions you could ask the wolf and Goldilocks, such as ‘why did you blow the house down?’ and ‘why did you break baby bears chair?’ Both classes described the characters in the story, thinking about what they looked like or their personality.

Blue Class then thought about how to keep safe, such as don’t go in somebody else’s house and wrote a letter of apology to the bears.

Red Class wrote an invitation to a party to encourage the wolf to learn how to be kind. They then thought about different materials we could use to build houses, deciding if they were strong or less strong, they even tested some by blowing blankets, leaves, paper and a plastic box.

Can your child retell the story for you at home? Can they draw the characters and label them with initial sounds or using their phonic knowledge? Can they draw you a story map?

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