Today, the School Councillors completed their first traffic survey.

The children were checking that

  • No children or adults cut through the car park
  • Children walked their scooter along paths instead of riding them on the school grounds
  • No cars were parked on zig zag lines
  • Children were holding their parents hands.

We were pleased to see that a lot of children were holding hands with parents. Half of the children rode their scooters, while some walked them along paths. Next week we will be checking that scooters are walked to the shelter for parking.

We only saw 1 car parked on the zig zag lines but saw 3 families cut through the car park.

Please ensure you remember to use paths, the councillors will be checking!

The children will compare the results once they have completed 3 surveys. Well done to the councillors for remembering this morning.


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