In Maths we have started learning about capacity, another form of measure when the questions asked and answered are “how much?” or “how many?” In capacity, we want to find out how many units fill a container. The children have used rice – safe, visual but also very messy! – and different containers to get used to measuring and also – very importantly – estimating. The skill of estimation is a very important one when it comes to deep Mathematical understanding and is always a good one to practise, in different contexts, at home. The children have practised measuring one non-standard unit – a yoghurt pot, or a bottle – exactly by filling it to the top and then making sure the top is level. Today they also thought about volume, which is how much “liquid” is in a container, regardless of whether it is up to capacity. They then used their knowledge of halves and quarters to work out how many units full the container would be it is was half or a quarter full. For example, if a jug has a volume of 8 yoghurt pots then half would be 4 yoghurt pots and a quarter would be 2. What would three-quarters be?

The “stained glass windows” made as part of Spirited Arts Day look wonderful on the class windows and the children were thrilled to see their full effect.

Today everyone wrote very well-thought out and careful versions of “Little Red Riding Hood”. Every child really tried his/her best to use adjectives, different ways to start sentences and wordbanks and sounds to spell. However, many children still do need to remember to use a capital letter and full-stop at every sentence!

The children have been practising longer-distance running today. They really got the hang of ┬árunning in teams, one starting after the other and running round a circle of cones. It’s great to see the children enthusiastically joining in and engaging in friendly competition in the right spirit. Their parents should be very proud of them!

We have lots of topic-related songs to practise. The children in particular like out song about nocturnal animals and one which some parents might remember – a children’s version of “Celebration” by Kool and The Gang. We will sing these at the year 2 leavers’ concert.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

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