What an exciting week we have had this week.

It has been Healthy Eating week and this was launched by Mrs Barwin in meeting on Monday. In PSHE the children have been discussing and learning about ways in which we keep our bodies healthy, including healthy eating.Yesterday we had an outside agency visit where the children learnt about all types of fruit for the children to see and taste. We have added some activities on purple mash to further the children’s understanding of healthy eating.

In science we have written an animal report on an African animal that we have chosen, investigated, made notes on and then completed the report. The animal was then the subject of a cinquain poem in the big writing we did today.

Maths was problem solving with multiplication and division. we are really focusing on the children being able to prove it and explain why they give the answer that they do. For example: Are all multiples of 3 odd?

In literacy and language we have written a non fiction explanation and a retelling of a fairy tale. The explanation fitted in with healthy eating week as we investigated and wrote about how an apple gets to a supermarket from the tree.

Finally, today the children had their first visit to the juniors! They were shown around the whole school and met some of the key people. Silver class were with their new teacher and gold class will be meeting their teacher next time. The children completed a passport to year 3.

Please remember scooters for next Tuesday with helmets. Gold class will still be swimming.

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Fernandes, Mrs Hostein and Miss Spencer

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