Another busy week in Year 2!

In writing today the children investigated and then wrote their own postcard based on the postcards in  Meerkat Mail. We focused a lot on the different types of punctuation used and tried to put this into our own writing. We will continue this next week looking at the information found by the children and will write a comparison of the different places Sunny visited.

In maths we have been practising reading the time to 5 minutes. Some of us have been drawing the hands on the clocks which is quite tricky to make sure they are the correct length. We have sent home some word problems for the children to practise adding units of time.

This week we have been writing algorithms in computing. The children programmed the blubots to move from a to b and then wrote the instructions they gave it. If it didn’t work straight away the children had to debug it.

The topic for the summer term in RE is big questions. This week we have thought about how important religious leaders are to some people and how we can recognise them for each religion.

The children have been looking at patterns in nature with a focus on African animals. They were given different drawing pencils to sketch animal patterns.

In geography we used atlases to identify different types of climates around the world. They used the index to find a country and then search for the continent and how close / far away it is from the equator.

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Fernandes, Mrs Hostein and Miss Spencer

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