What an exciting day we had yesterday and fortunately the weather was kind to us! The children rotated around 4 main activities each of which was outside, for the national learning outside day. They were sketching and painting in water colours, finding natural objects and arranging them artistically, completing a capacity challenge and making kites.

Today the children wrote a comparison of two places that Sunny the Meerkat visited. They tried to use contrasting linking words: however, but, meanwhile, although etc.

In computing we have begun to explore the program Scratch. The children have been shown how to change the background / stage. This program is a free download if you google Scratch! The children will then be able to practise what they have learnt.

We have begun to find out about what life is like in Kenya for geography. The children discussed articles about different areas of Kenya.

We have practised our dance ready to entertain you at the My fair tomorrow. Our dance will be around 1.00pm. Hopefully the weather will hold off and the sun will shine on us!

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Fernandes, Mrs Hostein and Miss Spencer


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