We hope you all had a lovely break. Thank you for all our wonderful Christmas gifts.

The three little pigs has been our theme for the first two days back to start our traditional tales theme for big write on a Friday. We recapped the story, we learnt actions to retell the story and then made puppets to act out the story. Today the children have retold the story in their writing. We will continue looking at traditional tales with a twist!

Maths has also been linked to the story as the children were problem solving practically by building houses to specific criteria and shapes and by solving word problems.

In music the children were following a rhythm on a djembe drum and developing the skills to know which part of the hand is used to strike the drum to get particular sounds.

Finally the wheels have arrived for the carts and the children are finishing off their constructions.

The children should have brought home the overview for this Spring term and a new home learning grid.  If they want a copy of the Van Gogh bedroom please remind them to ask us.

Have a lovely weekend.

The year 2 team.

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