It may have only been two days, but what a busy first week back in Year 1. The children came back refreshed and ready for learning.

We introduced our topic for this half-term: Let’s Play. We will be talking about toys both old and new and discussing the difference between them. We have asked the children to talk to their families about what toys they played with so we can compare with the toys they play nowadays. If you have any old toys you would like your child to share with the classroom, please send them in, carefully packaged, and we will ensure we handle them sensibly and return them home on the same day. If you have any concerns about sending them to school, we understand that some have irreplaceable sentimental value, you could send a picture instead.

In Maths we have started to learn about time and ordering events. After recapping the Months of the Year yesterday, the children drew their own timetable with events from their day at school. Next week we will start practicing telling o’clock and half-past times. We have discussed the hands of the clock during Maths Meetings previously and some children are already familiar with telling the time. To move their learning forward, you can help by asking what is the time before and after a given time, e.g. “If it’s one o’clock now, what time it’ll be in one hour?”, “We have lunch at 12 o’clock. What is the time one hour before lunch?”, etc.

Today we had PE using the apparatus and the children practiced balancing to move from one piece of equipment to another. They really enjoyed and worked well in their teams, trying alternative ways of traveling.

We are looking forward to our first full week of learning next week.

Have you all a lovely weekend.

The Year 1 Team

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