So much happened this week it is hard to compile into one single post so I’ll let some pictures speak for us.

On Monday, Mrs Munsey started a Science investigation with the children to measure rainfall and discuss about what time of the year usually sees more rain. They looked at weather forecasts and compared to our own weather chart. They have measured the rainfall a couple of times and some were surprised that despite the heavy rain the previous night not much water had been collected in the bottles outside. How could you explain that? Is there any other way we could try to be more accurate? Discuss this questions with your child. Let their inquisitive minds come up with their answers from their own observations.

Rainfall Science Investigation

During World Book Day (2nd March), it was amazing to see all children dressed up as their favourite book characters. They were really excited to see all their friends in their costumes. We had a special meeting so they could see each other’s special outfits. It was  also lovely to see all the adults who came to read with the children in the afternoon. What a special time they all had! Thank you to all mums, dads, grandparents and carers who made this day even more memorable.

World Book Day

World Book Day

Today we received John O’Leary, a book illustrator, who delivered a talk to the whole school and workshops to each class. In Year 1 the children have been creating their own version of Fortunately Unfortunately by Michael Foreman and oday they created their own pop-up books. They made different designs in Green and Purple Class and we look forward to see their finished books. Here they are in action:

In Maths we have been learning to add 3 single digit numbers by finding 10 first and I was impressed how most children could spot the numbers which make 10 very quickly. Please keep practicing the number bonds we have sent home with their home learning. It has been showing fantastic results, thank you!

The children have started to use the Paint software in Computing to draw the illustrations they are creating for Little Red Riding Hood. If you don’t have this program installed in your home computers/laptops, they can practice their drawing skills using Purple Mash.

Well, I think the children (and adults alike) need a little rest after such a busy week and we will welcome you on Monday for more fantastic learning.

Mrs De Vynck ~ Purple Class

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