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Welcome to the blog for our Year 1 classes. The year group blogs are a great communication tool. Teachers will be posting news, photographs, details of homework, examples of work, and anything they wish to share with their pupils and parents. Please speak to your class teacher if you have any question, feedback or concerns.

Mrs Foulds

Green Class Teacher

Mrs De Vynck

Purple Class Teacher

We have two year 1 classes. Children in these classes are developing their skills and building on the learning from Foundation Stage. When the children are ready, usually by October half term, the learning becomes based on the Key Stage One National Curriculum Programmes of Study. We still believe that children learn best when the ‘subjects’ are linked in a meaningful way and then basic skills are taught for a real purpose. We encourage the children to take ownership of their learning, ask questions and have a say in the planning process. We hope to motivate all children by taking account of their needs, strengths and interests and provide rich experiences and learning opportunities which will continue to excite them.

Paper airplanes galore ~ Science Week in Year 1

This week we celebrated British Science Week with an experiment to build and improve paper airplanes. First the children built the airplanes using a pattern and a A4 piece of paper and tested them. They then discussed what they could change to make it go further. They could only make one change: the size of the paper, the thickness of the paper or the design ~ fair test. They predicted what would happen and why and recorded in their plans. Finally they tested both and checked if their predictions were corrected. Yesterday they made additional changes to their models and re-tested outside.

Our big write today was a recount of the story “The way back home”, based on the video we watched this week, and using the story maps they drew yesterday.

In Maths we continued to learn about halves and quarters, direction and movement. Next week we will be learning about measuring length. We start by measuring using non-standard units and comparing before moving on to standard units.

While we write the blog, the children are busy moving and grooving at the PTA’s popular disco!

Have you all a fabulous weekend.

Year 1 Team

This week in Year 1

Today we let the children lead us through writing a weekly blog.

*** Purple Class ***

Our big write was about “The Great Paper Caper”. We planned our stories by drawing a story map on Wednesday when some parents visited Purple Class to learn with us.

Chace reminded us that on Tuesday Adam Guillain did a workshop with the whole school and Year 1 acted out the story The Magic Sack. “Quack Quack Quack I want my money back!”. They retold the story using actions and drew the story maps.

Leo and Ziyad explained that in Maths we are learning how to split things (2-d and 3-d shapes) and numbers in two equal parts.We used the part-part-whole model to help us. We had to remember that the 2 parts have to be the same/equal.

In Computing, we are learning to insert clipart into a Word document, change the size of our pictures, insert text and save it.

In Geography, we are learning about maps. In RE, in the last two weeks, we have produced a beautiful stained glass window where each of us draw and painted one tile to form our class window. We described what each design means to us and we love to see the light shinning through.

Green Class wrote an e-mail to Mrs De Vynck reporting their own activities this week.

In Maths this week we have been doing our number bonds, seeing if a number is equal or unequal and sharing it between two. We folded shapes in half with one fold making it equal on both sides.

We have been doing our big write and we were so grown up that we did it with no help. We retold the story of the Great Paper Caper. We needed to remember our capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. We were really proud of the work that we did.

In Geography we were drawing maps of our school and had to remember where the shops were, the Juniors and the Church.

On Tuesday the Author came to visit. He did some really good quick drawing and we really enjoyed the story he told.

We asked the children in both Year 1 classes what they like most in our school day and here are some of their answers:

  • Handwriting
  • Maths: Number bonds ~ Halving and Doubling ~ Number bonds to 10: Johan)
  • Read Write Inc
  • Playtime
  • Golden Time on Fridays
  • Art
  • Lunch time
  • Big Write
  • Book Club
  • Daily mile
  • RE and arts
  • PE
  • Assembly
  • We love everything

We hope you enjoy talking to your children about their learning in school.

Have a lovely weekend,

Year 1 team


Our New Eco Ambassadors

This week the whole school are taking part in Waste Week, with a focus of reducing, reusing and recycling.

We elected 12 new Eco ambassadors to launch the week and they will be meeting with Mrs Barwin and Miss Lewis to discuss the week and how we can be better at reducing waste, reusing waste and recycling more in school.

Congratulations to

Alex and Peggy in Blue Class

Danny and Dixie in Red Class

Tabitha and Adam in Green Class

Johan and Maryam in Purple Class

Cara and Sam in Silver Class

Autman and Natalie in Gold Class

We look forward to working with you this term

Spring 2 ~ Week 1 in Year 1

We are back in the fast lane. Now we are officially on our second half of Year 1.

In Maths we have been finding the difference between two numbers and applying the vocabulary of “greater than”, “lesser than”, “the difference between … and … is ….”. You could practice this at home using a number line or concrete objects with numbers to 20.

We have started a new book called The Great Paper Caper by Oliver Jeffers and the children have written excellent sentences describe what the characters are doing and thinking. They are really enjoying the story. The blurb reads: “A thrilling tale of mystery, crime, alibis, paper planes, a forest and a bear who wanted to win”. This is a really engaging book with captivating illustrations.

The highlight of this week was the Skipping Day. All children had a fantastic experience learning the basic skills for skipping as well as developing their confidence. At the end of the day some children were chosen by Dan, the Skipping Man, to perform an extravaganza of skipping skills. They particularly liked when their friends performed the double dutch skipping.

In Geography we are learning about maps. We will explore our local area at a date to be confirmed. We were hoping that we would be able to spot some early signs of Spring therefore we are just keeping an eye out for warmer weather. During our first topic lesson we explored our local playground and the children built a class map identifying the key features and where they are located.

In PE we are developing our games skills by throwing and catching, dribbling, using different balls and playing different team games. On Fridays, we use our apparatus in the hall and today the children started to learn to move the equipment safely themselves. We talked about how to lift, work as a team and follow instruction.

The home learning books were sent back with a new grid and new spellings. Please remember that we collect these every Wednesday for both classes. We also recommend that children have all their books: library book, reading book and reading diary and home learning book, every day in their book bags.

We wish a lovely weekend, stay warm. See you on Monday.

The Year 1 Team

We are half way into Year 1

What a busy and fun first half of Year 1 it has been! When we looked back at our books today during Book Look, we were impressed at all the progress the children have made. We are embedding our learning and applying skills to their writing and reading. Thank you to all parents who could share their children’s learning today. They really like to show off their fantastic efforts, especially with their parents and carers.

Tuesday it was Internet Safety Day and we had a whole week of activities highlighting the importance of being safe when using the internet both at school and at home. Starting with an Assembly on Tuesday, the children drew posters in their classrooms, worked on building a display for the whole school and also completed their Big Write around this theme. We had interesting conversations with the children. Please follow up at home. Ask them what are their top tips and what to do when  they are using their electronic devices and something unusual happens. There will be a workshop in the near future when parents will also be invited.

We apologise for having to cancel “learning with your child” in Purple Class due to Mrs De Vynck being unwell. We have rescheduled it for the beginning of the next half-term and appointments will be available soon.

In Maths we finished our Unit on Place Value, comparing numbers using place value and number lines as well as counting in tens, fives and twos. Please practice this skill with your child at home. Although rote counting is important, using real objects to apply this knowledge is essential for their learning.

We are planning a range of exciting activities for Spring 2 and we wish you a restful and exciting half-term, whatever the weather.

The Year 1 team

Week 4 in Year 1

This week the children have been reviewing some of the strategies they have learnt in Maths and deciding which ones they like most and which are more useful. For example, when the numbers in an addition equation are greater than 5, they can use the “make ten” strategy. In 9 + 6, they can make ten by taking one from 6 then they will have 10 + 5, which they will add up by using their knowledge of teen numbers. They tried this method using both the bead string and the ten-frames to see which suit them better. We find that each child will have their favourite way of adding: counting on, using near doubles, making ten first, using the number line or concrete manipulatives. It is important that they understand that there’s no right or wrong way, only that these strategies help them to solve mental maths problems more quickly and efficiently.

In Computing they have been illustrating the traditional tale of Little Red Riding Hood, using the software Paint. They can also use Purple Mash to practice their drawing skills.

Our Big Writing today focused on editing our own work, looking especially for missing capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. We asked the children to re-write their work making the necessary changes, including writing neater in their final draft. These skills take some time to embed and we will continue to develop them in following sessions.

We look forward to meeting some of you next week sharing some of your children’s learning.

Have you all a restful weekend.

Year 1 Team

Let’s Play

Our History Off the Page day was really successful. They children thoroughly enjoyed all the activities.

First they went around the toy Museum and had the opportunity to handle toys dating back to the 1700s and discuss what these toys had in common with the toys they are familiar with and what was different. They talked about how the evolution of materials influenced the way children play along the centuries. These are some of the toys they played with.

On our second session, the children were archaeologists and had to dig to find objects and parts of toys from the past. They then sorted them into toys and non-toys, which materials were they made of and created a timeline with the objects.

To finish the morning, they were introduced to wind-up toys.

Finally, in the afternoon they made their own toys in the toy factory. They have taken the toys home to enjoy with their families.

Thank you very much to the parents who helped during the day. We do appreciate and without your support we are unable to carry on such enriching activities.

Year 1 Team

History off the Page

Dear parents/carers

We are really looking forward to our History Off the Page day next Wednesday. However, we have so far received very few payments. If we don’t receive enough contributions, we may not be able to go ahead with this fantastic opportunity to learn more about History of Toys, as well as have a hands-on experience building our own.

If you don’t have the letter we sent home before Christmas, or need help with this matter, please don’t hesitate to contact the Year 1 team or the School Office.


Year 1 Team


What a fantastic start!

It may have only been two days, but what a busy first week back in Year 1. The children came back refreshed and ready for learning.

We introduced our topic for this half-term: Let’s Play. We will be talking about toys both old and new and discussing the difference between them. We have asked the children to talk to their families about what toys they played with so we can compare with the toys they play nowadays. If you have any old toys you would like your child to share with the classroom, please send them in, carefully packaged, and we will ensure we handle them sensibly and return them home on the same day. If you have any concerns about sending them to school, we understand that some have irreplaceable sentimental value, you could send a picture instead.

In Maths we have started to learn about time and ordering events. After recapping the Months of the Year yesterday, the children drew their own timetable with events from their day at school. Next week we will start practicing telling o’clock and half-past times. We have discussed the hands of the clock during Maths Meetings previously and some children are already familiar with telling the time. To move their learning forward, you can help by asking what is the time before and after a given time, e.g. “If it’s one o’clock now, what time it’ll be in one hour?”, “We have lunch at 12 o’clock. What is the time one hour before lunch?”, etc.

Today we had PE using the apparatus and the children practiced balancing to move from one piece of equipment to another. They really enjoyed and worked well in their teams, trying alternative ways of traveling.

We are looking forward to our first full week of learning next week.

Have you all a lovely weekend.

The Year 1 Team

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