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Welcome to the blog for our Year 1 classes. The year group blogs are a great communication tool. Teachers will be posting news, photographs, details of homework, examples of work, and anything they wish to share with their pupils and parents. Please speak to your class teacher if you have any question, feedback or concerns.

Mrs Foulds

Green Class Teacher

Mrs De Vynck

Purple Class Teacher

We have two year 1 classes. Children in these classes are developing their skills and building on the learning from Foundation Stage. When the children are ready, usually by October half term, the learning becomes based on the Key Stage One National Curriculum Programmes of Study. We still believe that children learn best when the ‘subjects’ are linked in a meaningful way and then basic skills are taught for a real purpose. We encourage the children to take ownership of their learning, ask questions and have a say in the planning process. We hope to motivate all children by taking account of their needs, strengths and interests and provide rich experiences and learning opportunities which will continue to excite them.

Week 4 in Year 1

We apologise for the blog break but we had a few technical problems. Now we are back and hope we can keep you updated at least weekly with what has been happening in Year 1, which is a lot!

Thank you for bringing in such a lovely collection of Autumn signs and it is wonderful to see how they can talk about these.

This week we introduced the children to the book Commotion in the Ocean, by Giles Andreae. They discussed their favourite sea creatures and today they composed a character description. They included detail and some interesting adjectives to describe their chosen animal.

In Maths we have continued to practice number bonds within 10 and introduced addition and subtraction this week. The children are using concrete objects as well as pictures to develop their understanding. They have then started to associate stories with number problems and to write equations.

We are discussing changes in children and what happens as we grow up. We have been drawing and writing about our own timelines.

In computing we have been practicing logging on the school laptops with their own logins. We started talking about algorithms and splitting instructions in really small steps, as a bee-bot can do.

On Monday we will be sending home more information about our first school trip, a visit to Highfield Park. We are really looking forward to it. Fingers crossed for good weather.

We hope you all have a great weekend.

Mrs De Vynck and Mrs Foulds


Junk Modelling Resources


Please could Red and Blue class have some donations of resources for box modelling.

These could include

  • Clean egg boxes
  • Toilet roll/Kitchen roll tubes
  • Empty bottles
  • Big and small cardboard boxes
  • Bottle tops
  • Straws

The children really enjoy making things using a variety of resources.

Thank you!

A warm welcome week in Year 1!

It was a short yet busy week in Year 1. We are really impressed with how well the children are settling in. It is a steep learning curve for them but they have shown they are well prepared for this new challenge.

Thank you to all the parents who attended Meet the Teacher last night. For those unable to come, handouts will be sent home on Monday.

This week we have focused on listening to all children read and updating their reading diaries. We have had a few Book Club (guided reading) sessions and started to pratise cursive handwriting. As it was mentioned during our meeting last night, the children practise the letters during handwriting until they feel comfortable to use the cursive script in their writing. You will be glad to know that so far it has been one of their favourite activities. Today we had our first Big Write when the children described some of the pictures of the book “Fishes” by Brian Wildsmith. The children were mesmerized by the pictures and wrote great sentences.

Next week we will be starting Read, Write, Inc. and our first Maths unit which focuses on numbers to 10.

Home Learning books were sent home today, to be returned on Wednesday, please. Please note that their Purple Mash and Bug Club logins have been amended. You can find them either stuck to their Reading Diaries (Purple Class) or to their Home Learning Books (Green Class).

Have you all a great weekend and we look forward to seeing you again on Monday.

Mrs De Vynck and Mrs Foulds ~ Year 1 Teachers

Last week in Green Class

There was lots of singing in the last week of school. The children had been practising lots of songs, learning words and tunes very well. They sang at the year 2 leavers’ concert, about nocturnal animals, in keeping with our focus on animals in the summer term. Then they sang at the Meeting where the school said good-bye to Mrs Cooper, Mrs Lyal and me, Mrs Gibbons! They worked very hard to learn new songs for these adults, including some songs with special words, which was very touching and a reflection on the kindness and commitment shown by both staff and children to the departing teachers.

We completed our Maths learning about Capacity, when they children engaged in very good discussion about how to work out proportions of containers – eg if 2 quarters of the jug are full, is half empty?

In the last few weeks we learnt about different minibeasts – the parts of the body, what they eat, where they live. If you have some time over the holidays – and the sun comes out! – you could do a minibeast hunt with your child, either in the back garden, a park like Highfield or at more organised events. I read, this morning, that Aylett’s have a “butterfly corner” this summer, for example. The Nature Detectives website has lots of good ideas and free spotter and information sheets.

I hope you all have a very happy – and warm! – summer wherever you go and whatever you do. I am hoping that I will bump into families over the summer and beyond and will very much look forward to hearing your news. Green Class has been a wonderfully attentive, thoughtful and cheerful class. They have grown in maturity over the year and their skills have improved, through their own efforts and dedication – and support of parents. Hopefully, the children will have as many happy memories  of Year 1 as I have.


Sainsbury vouchers – thank you!

Thank you for the fantastic effort made in collecting the Sainsbury Active vouchers. You collected and sent in 10,400 altogether! This means that we were able to order 30 “shape mats” to be used for PE. There were just over 200 vouchers left after this so we also ordered a few more skipping ropes, as they frequently wear out and need replacing. The resources should arrive before October. The Sainsbury vouchers are effectively the school’s budget for PE equipment so your effort in supporting the school is very much appreciated.

Purple Class ~ Summer 2 ~ Week 5

First of all, thank you to all parents who could make to Parents Consultation this week. It is always a great opportunity to celebrate achievements and discuss ways to move the children’s learning further. As always, if you have any other questions or there is anything you would like to raise following our conversations, feel free to see us after school. In general, the children in year 1 are ready and looking forward to moving to Silver Class and we have all confidence that they will do as brilliantly as they have this year!

Following our Spirited Arts Day last Thursday, we handed out the certificates to the 10 children whose artwork was selected to enter the 2017 Spirited Arts Competition. We are very proud of the three Year 1 school finalists. To read more about this NATRE initiative, please visit their website.

Year 1 winners

In Maths we are learning about capacity and volume and we have been doing various practical activities using rice or water. The children are applying their knowledge of halves and quarters to discuss volume of different containers.

Since the whole country is following the Wimbledom Championships, we decided to practise our serving (throwing underarm and overarm). Despite the heat, the children had great fun and also joined in with the running and skipping races with great enthusiasm.

If you are asking yourself why the children came back home with their own pictures… Today we used our imagination to create a story: What would it be like to be as small as one of the mini-beasts we have been learning about? How would it feel if all of a sudden we shrunk? Once again, the children produced lovely pieces of very creative writing. I couldn’t stop thinking about one of the favourite movies of my youth “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids”. Trying not to show my age here!

If you haven’t yet signed in to come to school on Friday, there are still a few places available in the morning. I am really pleased with the interest in the day so far and look forward to share our learning in Purple Class with all the parents. Also, please do come and visit our class to see some of the children’s work on display and have a preview of their next year’s classroom.

Finally, a couple of photos from our Sports Day last Friday.

Have a lovely weekend and I see you all again on Monday.

w/c 3rd July in Green Class

In Maths we have started learning about capacity, another form of measure when the questions asked and answered are “how much?” or “how many?” In capacity, we want to find out how many units fill a container. The children have used rice – safe, visual but also very messy! – and different containers to get used to measuring and also – very importantly – estimating. The skill of estimation is a very important one when it comes to deep Mathematical understanding and is always a good one to practise, in different contexts, at home. The children have practised measuring one non-standard unit – a yoghurt pot, or a bottle – exactly by filling it to the top and then making sure the top is level. Today they also thought about volume, which is how much “liquid” is in a container, regardless of whether it is up to capacity. They then used their knowledge of halves and quarters to work out how many units full the container would be it is was half or a quarter full. For example, if a jug has a volume of 8 yoghurt pots then half would be 4 yoghurt pots and a quarter would be 2. What would three-quarters be?

The “stained glass windows” made as part of Spirited Arts Day look wonderful on the class windows and the children were thrilled to see their full effect.

Today everyone wrote very well-thought out and careful versions of “Little Red Riding Hood”. Every child really tried his/her best to use adjectives, different ways to start sentences and wordbanks and sounds to spell. However, many children still do need to remember to use a capital letter and full-stop at every sentence!

The children have been practising longer-distance running today. They really got the hang of  running in teams, one starting after the other and running round a circle of cones. It’s great to see the children enthusiastically joining in and engaging in friendly competition in the right spirit. Their parents should be very proud of them!

We have lots of topic-related songs to practise. The children in particular like out song about nocturnal animals and one which some parents might remember – a children’s version of “Celebration” by Kool and The Gang. We will sing these at the year 2 leavers’ concert.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Sports Day 2017

Hurray! The weather was kind and sports day went ahead on the first scheduled date! Thank you to all the parents for coming to support your children and also helping with a group. The children participated with gusto and confidence, they used their skills very well and  showed great competitive spirit – winning with pride and losing with grace and good humour, for most part. Well done everyone, from Reception to Year 2 you are very good sports.  It’s such a delight seeing all the children give their all and show their developing athletic skills.

The Year 5s did a fantastic job of organising and helping with all the activities. You are going to be amazing Year 6 children, if you show this level of maturity and communication this year. Thank you to Mrs Beattie for bringing the children over and helping with setting them up at the races.

Also, thank you to CHISS for providing the very welcome ice-lollies at the end.



Butterflies fly away!

We made the most of the lack of rain to release the butterflies from Green Class today. It wasn’t as warm as we would have liked, but they had already been in the net for two days and we didn’t want to have lots more caterpillars to look after! The children knew to be calm and quiet when they were let out. We watched them fly into the sky, looking very beautiful. Hopefully, they will now have happy lives in the wildlife area, lay eggs and help produce more Painted Lady butterflies. Watching the caterpillars grow and change completely into butterflies is always really amazing


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