The children have had a fantastic morning learning about what they would have done if they were Victorian children spending a bank holiday at the seaside. ┬áThe morning was spent making the souvenirs and preparing for the visitors to the seaside who will arrive this afternoon. Some children have tried on the sorts of clothes children wore in the past – bloomers, tunic topics, mop hats and boaters. Some children have been trained in the cafe, serving sandwiches, cake and tea. They have counted out the twelve old pennies each child will have to spend this afternoon and everyone has made a train tickets – how else will they get to the seaside? They could choose between a first class ticket, which cost 3d and bought you a comfy seat and snacks, a second-class on a wooden bench which costs 2d and a third-class ticket which only costs 1d but didn’t even give you a roof!

The fun and learning will continue this afternoon when the children get on the train to go to the sea!

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