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Welcome to the blog for our Year 2 classes. The year group blogs are a great communication tool. Teachers will be posting news, photographs, details of homework, examples of work, and anything they wish to share with their pupils and parents. Please speak to your class teacher if you have any question, feedback or concerns.

Mrs Fernandes

Silver Class Teacher

Miss Spencer

Gold Class Teacher

The oldest children in our school are in year 2 and continue to develop their skills in all areas of the curriculum from their achievements in year 1. The learning is still taken from the National Curriculum Key Stage One Programmes of Study although staff are skilled in recognising where extra challenge is needed for high attaining pupils. Many of our children regularly achieve results beyond that expected of 7 year olds, particularly in reading, writing, maths and science. Children in year 2 enjoy greater responsibility for the wider school environment and help to organise the library, dining room, hall and music for the daily Meeting. Our Eco-Schools Ambassadors are also chosen from year 2 and support us all in striving to become a more sustainable school.

Year 2 Trip to Whipsnade – 24th March

Year 2 will be visiting Whipsnade Zoo on Thursday 24th March 2016.  The children will leave school by coach at 9 am and return at approximately 3.00 pm.  The children will need to wear school t-shirts and sweatshirts and their own trousers/leggings, sensible shoes and a warm/Waterproof coat.

Spring Concert

Spring Concert on Wednesday 30th March at 2.15 pm. This will be an opportunity for the children to showcase the songs they have been learning this term.  We will also have a performance from the current Ukulele Group and from the current Recorder group.  If you would like to attend the concert please let the School Office know.



Reception would be very grateful for any unwanted un-used envelopes, such as the junk mail ones.

We would  like them in our writing areas to encourage more writing, but the children get through them very quickly!

Any donations would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks

Mrs Barwin

Friday 18th March


What an exciting week starting with Science day, the children experienced different science investigations in each class all connected by the theme of space. This ranged from designing their own alien rockets, thinking carefully about the materials they chose, rocket balloons and exploding film cannisters!!

In Maths the children have enjoyed using coordinates to find and place objects on a grid. They have used mathematical vocabulary to direct each other to different locations and we looked at repeated patterns and finding out what the 12th one would be.

In Topic we continued our visit to Kenya and learnt about the big 5. The children researched the big 5 in groups and some children got to present theirs to the rest of the class. Also how animals promote tourism in Kenya.  Science this week was looking at animals that live in zoos and the care needed to enable them to thrive in their environment.

This morning began with the retelling of a story as an extended piece of writing. The children then split into two groups to take part in sports relief activities. Firstly they learnt about what sports relief is. They then did skipping and parachute activities. After lunch the children took part in a taster session for cheer leading and then they ran just over a mile for sports relief.

DSC05531 DSC05515 DSC05511 DSC05506 DSC05490 DSC05464 DSC00361 (Mobile) DSC00438 (Mobile) DSC00380 (Mobile) DSC00378 (Mobile)

Science Day

Science Day

Science Day

Science Day

DSC05593 DSC05581 DSC05555

Sports Relief

Sports Relief 

Friday 11th Match


We have had  a very busy day, first this morning we had our felt day activities and then after lunch we had a choreographer in to help us create the start of our dance for the May Fair. The children enjoyed the creating the felt pictures and added detail using different materials.

In Maths this week we have been looking at the different strategies for addition and subtraction. Looking at place value and partitioning numbers before adding and subtracting.  Comparing numbers using the symbols < and > and =.

In Geography the children learnt about the reasons people go  on holiday to Kenya, about a national park and reserves. The children then created their own map of a national park, including a key and compass points.

In Science the children planned and carried out an investigation to find out whether as we get older we get quicker. In some of the tests carried out this was true and others not true, it gave us lots to talk about.

In Computing, the children looked at branching databases and how we use them to sort different things. The children used the purple mash site to create their own, although this requires the children to input questions and then tests each animal as you put it in – they can access this at home.


DSC05458 DSC05459 DSC05457 DSC05456 DSC05448 DSC05452 DSC05453 DSC05443 DSC05441 DSC05436 DSC05434


Sport Relief – 18th March 2016

Sport Relief –  18th March 2016 – The children will be taking part in a range of activities in aid of Sports Relief.  These activities will take place during the School day – hopefully outside if the sunshine remains.

We would like the children to come to school dressed in their favourite sports kit.  Please make sure they are wearing trainers as they will be taking part in sports.

Please send in a small donation, for example £1, which will be donated to Sports Relief charity.

Felt Day – Friday 11th March 2016

Felt Day on 11th March 2016 – Clare Beaton, a children’s illustrator is able to visit us again.  She last came a few years ago and will create collages from felt, fabric, buttons and braids.  She will lead workshops for each year-group, with every child creating his or her own felt square collage, based on current topics.

We are asking for a contribution of £2 per child to support with paying for the consumable resources the children will be using.

Friday 4th March


This weeks been very busy, thank you to all the parents who came on World Book Day, the children enjoyed the stories and dressing up as a character. Pictures below

In Maths this week we have practised strategies for addition and subtraction,some of the children struggled with missing numbers and finding the inverse. We showed the children how the bar model can help to solve addition and subtraction word problems. We will continue to reinforce these strategies and practise mental maths.

In Literacy the children have been talking about feelings and looking at synonyms to improve their writing. In Big Writing the children have been up-levelling letters, putting in the correct verb tense and improving the features.

In Science we have been looking at the human life cycles talking about how the children change, they will continue this next week investigating if we get faster at doing things as we get older.

In Topic we have continued our trip to Kenya, the children were investigating the main facts about Kenya using different sources e.g internet, atlas, topic books. On Purple Mash we have added a 2do were the children can create a leaflet about Kenya.

In PE we continue to practise different types of dance, today we looked at Bhangra and Street fusion. It was more complicated than it looked.

Happy Mothers Day!

DSC05419 DSC05420 DSC05417 DSC05416 DSC05411 DSC05409 DSC05408 DSC05407

World Book Day

World Book Day


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