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Welcome to the blog for our Year 2 classes. The year group blogs are a great communication tool. Teachers will be posting news, photographs, details of homework, examples of work, and anything they wish to share with their pupils and parents. Please speak to your class teacher if you have any question, feedback or concerns.

Mrs Fernandes

Silver Class Teacher

Miss Spencer

Gold Class Teacher

The oldest children in our school are in year 2 and continue to develop their skills in all areas of the curriculum from their achievements in year 1. The learning is still taken from the National Curriculum Key Stage One Programmes of Study although staff are skilled in recognising where extra challenge is needed for high attaining pupils. Many of our children regularly achieve results beyond that expected of 7 year olds, particularly in reading, writing, maths and science. Children in year 2 enjoy greater responsibility for the wider school environment and help to organise the library, dining room, hall and music for the daily Meeting. Our Eco-Schools Ambassadors are also chosen from year 2 and support us all in striving to become a more sustainable school.

Week 3 in Year 2.


Another busy week in Year 2!

In maths the children have been solving problems using manipulatives  and showing the knowledge they have gained over the last few weeks in place value. Today the children completed an assessment to enable us to focus on areas to develop during our maths lessons. One game the children have enjoyed playing in maths meeting is:

Next week we will be looking at addition leading to adding two 2 digit numbers.

Big writing today was the retelling of The Little Red Hen. We put actions to the story to help the children with the sequence. We watched: to help us do this. We then thought about how we could add adjectives and conjunctions other than and.

In Science we thought about our school playground as a habitat and went out to investigate who lives there. The children really enjoyed looking for and finding: ants, spiders, caterpillars, butterflies etc. We recorded the minibeasts that we found on a pictogram. dsc01551-small dsc01552-small dsc01553-small dsc01554-small dsc05790-small dsc05796-small dsc05798-small

In computing we continued to make our mind maps of questions we would like to research about an area of St Albans. Next week we will begin to carry out this research with emphasis on keeping ourselves safe when using the internet.

The handwriting is going well. The children are continuing to practise when they come in each morning, if you would like the children to continue doing this at home here is the link to the website we use:     We are looking at continuous cursive.

We hope you all have a lovely weekend.

The year 2 team.



Week 2 in Year 2!

What a fantastic day we had yesterday. The children were all well behaved and enjoyed the visit to Verulamium Museum. In the workshop they were dressed in tunics and had the chance to work in a group to shop Roman style! They had to identify different objects used for different purposes from Roman times. Some of them were quite tricky! They also had the opportunity to look around the museum and find out how Romans used to live.

Our writing today was then to write a recount of yesterday. The children acted out and did a picture timeline to record the events of the day. We then thought about how we could add adjectives, conjunctions and adverbs of time to improve the sentences.

Maths this week has continued exploring and investigating place value (tens and ones) The children have used a variety of manipulatives, including partitioning cards and an abacus. Next week the children will be using this knowledge to solve problems.

Image result for tens and units arrow cards                       Image result for abacus tens and units

In Science we recalled and recorded the dead, alive and never alive objects that we sorted last week. We have put an activity on Purple mash to further the children’s understanding of this.

Spellings will be introduced next week.

In topic we looked at where we are in the world. By using Google earth and atlases the children showed some understanding of the countries that make up the UK and capital cities. Next week we will identify where we are in relation to London before we start to look in more detail about where we actually live.

dsc01476-small dsc01479-small dsc01480-small dsc01488-small dsc01491-small dsc01493-small dsc01498-small dsc01511-small dsc01516-small dsc01541-small dsc05767-small dsc05772-small dsc05778-small

Have a lovely weekend!

The Year 2 Team!


Welcome back!

What a fantastic start to Year 2!

This week the children have quickly settled into the routine of year 2. We have been very impressed!

In Maths we have been manipulating numbers to 100 thinking carefully about place value (tens and ones) and encouraging correct use of vocabulary. We have produced work to show the three stages of showing the value of a number. For example: 54 is recognised as a 2 digit number with 5 tens and 4 ones. The children then show this number using manipulatives (mainly dienes) and draw a diagram to represent the number.

Image result for 2 digit place value

For topic we have discussed and planned how to improve our shared outdoor area. The children were very inventive and creative. Unfortunately we won’t be having the swimming pool they asked for! Instead we are linking it to our Science topic of habitats. Art work has begun and we are hoping to have this up in the next few weeks! In the meantime, please do collect leaves, small twigs and any other natural objects to allow the children to create different habitats to enhance their learning.

Big Writing began today with the children suggesting ways to improve different areas of the school. We introduced the words conjunction and adjective as a way of writing more complex sentences. The children also completed a success criteria grid assessing their own work which is then followed up by ourselves when we mark their work.

Daily handwriting has taken place to introduce the new cursive script. We have focussed on some initial letters and they have made a good start. If you would like to attend one of the workshops the information was sent home today on the newsletter.

In Science the children thought about what was living, dead and never been alive. They sorted a variety of objects and discussed how something might have once been alive but is now dead. For example cardboard, paper, leather and meat.

We have not introduced the spellings yet as we would like more of a focus on reading and handwriting at the moment. Home learning books were sent home today with Silver and Gold will be sent on Monday. We do ask for home learning books to be returned on Wednesdays please.

A few reminders:

  1. Trip to Verulamium Museum on Thursday. Please remember to return your forms.
  2. Swimming for Silver class begins on Tuesday. Most children will be reminded on Monday but if your child is off for Eid please remember swimming costume and towel.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Fernandes, Mrs Donkin and Miss Spencer.

Hypoallergenic Plastic Earrings

During Meet the Teacher, we discussed covering earrings with tape or plasters for health and safety reasons at school.

Following this discussion, we have been shown a pair of hypoallergenic, plastic stud earrings. These earrings bend when caught and the butterfly/backing covers any points or ends.

These earrings are suitable to wear for school, and do not require taping for PE.

We have seen them available on ebay for approximately £2.50


Sports Afternoon

The weather for tomorrow afternoon is currently good – maybe a bit humid, but any rain is currently expected to be in the evening – so we expect Sports Afternoon to go ahead.

Please send your child to school wearing sun tan cream and with a sun hat and full bottle of water. We will not be providing cups of water this year, so the bottle of water is essential. Please also check that s/he has a full PE kit, including trainers.Thank you.

If the weather takes a turn for the worse, or the forecasts say rain is nearly certain to happen, we will revise the decision and post a different blog by 11.00am.

We’re looking forward to fun and sport tomorrow and seeing you all there to cheer the children on!!

Friday 17th June


Sorry we haven’t blogged recently, we have been out of the classroom the last three Fridays we have not been on our usual timetable.

What a busy and exciting few weeks it has been!

We had a wonderful pirate day when the children learnt lots of interesting facts about how pirates used to live and survive. There were many true practical activities: making medicine, creating flags, money pouches, treasure maps, cookies, liar’s dice, candles, lucky doubloon and eye patches. The children had to complete challenges in teams which developed communication and team skills.

Last Friday we celebrated the Queen’s birthday and the children completed a carousel of activities led by each teacher. These included letters to the Queen, crown and flag making and a class collage of the Union Jack. It was lovely to see so many of you at the picnic.

Today has been empty classroom day so the children have been learning outside all day! They have built pirate ships, been on a journey stick developing cartography (map skills) transporting water and creating their own pirate games. Again a lot of these activities depended on team work and good communication.

The children have continued with the Pirate topic. In groups they have planned and designed an island which will be covered in modroc and painted.

In Maths they have been developing their knowledge of place value and partitioning. They were then using these skills to solve addition calculations. We have also covered multiplication and division.

In Science they have begun to learn about forces. Pushes and pulls are forces that make an object start or stop moving. We will be carrying out an investigation to find out about friction.

RE has been about asking and answering difficult questions. We have thought and discussed our ideas about Who is God.

Have a lovely weekend.

The Year 2 team!

DSC01024 (Medium) DSC01023 (Medium) DSC01018 (Medium) DSC01015 (Medium) DSC00916 (Medium) DSC00844 (Medium) DSC00850 (Medium) DSC00867 (Medium) DSC00896 (Medium) DSC00898 (Medium) DSC00841 (Medium) DSC00814 (Medium) DSC00812 (Medium) DSC00802 (Medium) DSC00789 (Medium) DSC00787 (Medium) DSC00776 (Medium) DSC00681 (Medium) DSC00661 (Medium) DSC00639 (Medium) DSC00631 (Medium) DSC00633 (Medium) DSC00636 (Medium)






The sun shone for the Queen!

DSCN2446 DSCN2443What a brilliant day we have had! Today the children have had 6 activities led by the 6 Teachers, so we have worked with 180 children which is great fun!  The activities were;

  • A huge A3 collaged Union Jack flag – a team effort
  • A collaborative Birthday card to the Queen with a sentence and/or picture from every child
  • Class bunting
  • If I were Queen or King for a day…..
  • Crown making for every child to wear and take home
  • Flag making for children to wave as they went home

Lunch was a huge success and thank you to all the families who managed to come and to those of you unable to make it, here are a few photos.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Barwin

DSCN2446DSCN2443DSCN2507DSCN2511  DSCN2512

Councillors sale – A huge success, thank you!

The sale on the playground after school was a huge success, thank you.

The Councillors raised £17.50 and sold out, so I’m afraid there won’t be another sale after school tomorrow.

Mrs Cooper was so pleased that she has offered to double it! THANK YOU!

I will meet with the Councillors to decide how they would like to invest the money and they will shortlist ideas ready to go to a school vote.

Thank you for your support.

Mrs Barwin

School Councillors – Raising Money

Today our Councillors met with Mrs Cooper and Mrs Cameron to share their ideas, thoughts and suggestions.  The Councillors discussed; The Queens Birthday celebrations, pets in school and eating lunch outside to name just a few.

One of the changes moving forward for our School Council, was to manage a small budget.  Rather than give them money out of School Funds, we agreed it was better for them to earn it, to appreciate money and to agree how to spend it.

After the fantastic May Fair on Saturday, our Councillors would like to sell pocket money toys and snacks on the playground after school on Thursday and Friday.

Ollie from Year 1 concluded by saying that “how to spend the money should go to a vote” which we thought was a great idea.

Items will be £0.10p each and all money raised will be counted by the Councillors and spent on something which would benefit the school and more importantly the children.

Please do show your support.

Depending on how successful the sale is, we may repeat it after half term.

Have an enjoyable holiday and we are looking forward to a fun filled final half term!

Kind Regards

Mrs Barwin


Star of the Week Badges


If your child has a star of the week badge at home, could they please return it to school.  As it has been own clothes for 3 Fridays, the badges haven’t been coming back to school.  I am currently missing 12 badges.

Kind Regards

Mrs Barwin

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