Another busy week in Year 2!

In maths we have been adding and subtracting 2 x 2 digit numbers and multiples of 10 on a blank number line.

47 + 25= Image result for adding on a blank number line

We will revisit this later in the term and next week we are moving on to measuring length using metres and centimetres.

Writing today was a character description of the old man from our book: The Tin Forest. We compared him sitting contentedly in his warm house to when he was clearing the rubbish in the miserable weather. The children were encouraged to use conjunctions and adjectives.

The children began to plan a science investigation to find out how waterproof some materials are in comparison with each other. This will be continued.

The children have been practising their harvest songs and are looking forward to performing them to you next week at the Harvest festival on Thursday. We have sent home the words to one song so please do practise them. Silver class will have the words on Monday!

Spellings this week were the j sound using dge and ge: age, badge, edge, huge, bridge, dodge, fudge, change, charge and village.

Have a lovely weekend

The year 2 team.




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