The children completed their last piece of writing today connected to the Tin Forest book. It was quite a tricky piece in that they had to to use comparative language to compare a real cat to a tin cat and using but / however / whereas as conjunctions. We have sent a piece of home learning to practise comparing.

In maths we have been collecting data using tally charts. Putting the data into block charts and then analysing this data by answering questions on it. This will finish on Monday and then we move onto fractions. It would really help your child to see fractions in every day life. For example if you are cutting a pizza into 4 and each person has a quarter. If an apple is cut into halves to make 2 equal pieces.

In science the children worked in groups to find out which materials stopped ice cubes from melting so quickly. They also investigated which materials slow down cars when travelling down a ramp (friction)

In D&T the children began to investigate wheels, axles and chassis to see how they fit and work together. The children will then design, plan and make a cart from the Great Fire of London using what they have learnt.

The children have continued to practise singing the songs ready for Songs at St Lukes so we hope to see you there.

Next Friday is christmas dinner so our children are allowed to wear Christmas themed clothes with christmas themed accessories.

Have a lovely weekend, enjoy the snow if we get any!

The Year 2 Team.

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