Another exciting week in year 2!

This week has been a whole school science week based around the theme of animals. On Wednesday we had a visiting bug man called Martin. We were very lucky as we got to see stick insects of various sizes, flower mantis (which jumped onto Miss Spencer’s glasses!) leaf bug, hissing Madagascan cockroaches, millipedes and a tarantula! We saw them very close up, had them stuck on us or those of us who were brave enough even held them! Please see photos below.

Then yesterday we had our visit to Whipsnade zoo. We began the day by visiting some of the animals. We recorded where they were to be found around the world, country and continent and what type of habitat they lived in. The classes then took it in turns to do a workshop where we learnt about dangers to the animals and their habitats: poachers, deforestation and litter. They were able to handle preserved animals and animals skins / fur and identify what we could do to reduce the amount of endangered animals. They had a lovely day and the sun shone. Please see some of the many photos taken on  the day.

Well done to ALL the children for all their hard work this half term and you will be pleased to know that all the assessments are now over.

Have a lovely, safe half term.

Mrs Fernandes, Miss Spencer and Mrs Hostein


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