Cunningham Hill Infant School Newsletter – May 2019


katherine cooperOn Thursday all the school took part in Outside Learning Day. This was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Mr Bainbridge enjoyed teaching Music outside.   At the beginning of May the Governors came in for the morning to join the children with their learning. They were impressed with how engaged the children were. Afterwards they discussed what they had seen which was very productive. Debbie Cameron has stepped down from the Governing Body. She has worked tirelessly for the school and we are all so grateful and thankful for her time. Reanne Gourdin and Nadia Kadir, who live in the local community, have joined our governing body. Thank you to all those who bought books from the Travelling Book Company. We are now able to choose over £150 worth of books for the school. Mrs Foulds, Mrs Reed and Miss Lewis will be leaving the school at the end of the academic year. Mrs Foulds will be working in a school near to where she lives. At the moment it takes her over an hour to commute, Mrs Reed will be taking voluntary redundancy and Miss Lewis will be Early Years Leader at a school in Welwyn. I would like to thank Mrs Foulds, Miss Lewis and Mrs Reed for all their hard work. They have have shown dedication to the school. We will be joined by Mrs Fiona Carter and Miss Sophie Plummer in September.


All key dates are listed on the school website:  


  •   3.6.19 –  Children return on 3.6.19 at 8.50am
  • 13.6.19 – Year 2 Scooter Training
  • 19.6.19 –  Early Parents Consultation by appointment only
  • 20.6.19 –  Late Parents Consultation by appointment only
  • 21.6.19 – Reception trip to Paradise Wildlife Park
  • 27.6.19 – Sports Day
  • 29.6.19 – CHISS PTA Summer Fayre
  •   4.7.19 – Year 2 Play

CHISS PTA Summer Fayre 29th June

Friday 7th June Donations for the Rainbow Stall – Non Uniform Day

Friday 14th June Donations for the Children’s Tombola – Non Uniform Day

Thursday 20th June Donations for Adult Tombola – Non Uniform Day

Week beginning 7th June – Bring Jam Jars in

Moments from Year 2

This term the children have been comparing settings through our topic ‘Where in the world.’ In art we have looked at seascapes, landscapes and cityscapes focusing on different artists. Whereas in geography we have recapped continents, learnt about the oceans, looked at climate zones and how this affects the landscape of areas and identified human and physical geography. In literacy we have looked at life in a city from a characters point of view and discovered information about the sea through the life of fishermen and women. Science has been looking at life cycles and we have just begun looking at habitats and how these support life there. The children enjoyed Outdoor Learning Day, they took part in gardening activities, bark rubbing and leaf pressing activities, micro habitat investigations (looking at the world from an ant’s point of view) and an estimation and measuring activity.  We are looking forward to enjoying the final half term with your children and hope you will all join us for our end of year production in July.

Moments from Year 1

In year one this half term we have been very excited to receive a parcel from the Jolly Postman! We have been doing a lot of work around the book. The children have had some amazing ideas!  We have been writing letters to Goldilocks, selling products in a witch’s catalogue and making a wanted poster for Jack. We are looking forward to ending this unit with a party for Goldilocks birthday, with party games and fun activities. In maths we have been measuring a variety of objects using our hands, feet, cubes and more conventionally meter sticks! We have also been working with numbers up to 100. In science we have been learning about plants and have even brought home a sunflower to share with you (don’t mention the bean plants). We have also been learning about great explorers including Christopher Columbus and his journey across the world. We are looking forward to finishing this topic with Neil Armstrong and his great discovery!

We are looking forward to the second half of our summer term and all the exciting things we have in store including our trip, sports day and sharing all the children’s fantastic learning at Parent consultations.

Moments from Reception

This half term we have been Bear crazy, linked to our Literacy text “A Brave Bear.”  The children have been;

  • Writing to Baby Bear to tell him how to keep cool in the heat
  • Writing thank you cards to Daddy Bear for helping
  • Making split pin bears
  • Painting bears, using forks for detail
  • Role-playing “We’re going on a Bear Hunt”
  • Writing their own bear stories, thinking about the characters, setting and plot
  • Making construction chairs for bears, for all 3 sizes.
  • Making a bridge in the water tray, that could carry the weight of a bear
  • Making caves outside using any large construction
  • Making stepping stones outside for the bears to cross the river.

The children have started to prepare for Sports Day. We are enjoying a range of skills such as skipping, javelin throwing, the bean bag race, egg and spoon race and running. On Thursday the children took part in the  Outdoor Classroom day, linked to our focus on the world around us. We have explored recycling and other ways to protect our planet, such as ensuring we recycle as much plastic as possible so it doesn’t end up in the sea.


Lots of children have come to show me their learning which has been very impressive. Isabelle, Helena, Oskar, Samara, Arukshan, Olivia, Daisy-Mai  for their writing, Sam, Phoebe and Ariane for their home learning,Anna, Noa, William, Hugo and Kaden for their maths work and William and Charlie for their bear.

School Fund

Thank you to the many parents who have already made their voluntary class contributions. It is very much appreciated. Please continue to make your one single contribution of £5 each term (£15 for the year) to help cover expected costs for curriculum activities that require additional expense. Contributions can be paid via online PMX accounts.

cunningham infant logoSchool Uniform

As the weather is so changeable, please respond to the conditions daily and provide suitable clothing according to the forecast. Please also remember to supply a rain coat on wet days and apply sun cream before school and provide a hat in very sunny weather.


Miss Cooper and Mrs Fernandes are the designated people for safeguarding. Alison Cook is the Safeguarding Governor. If you have any safeguarding concerns please report it to them or alternatively call 0300 123 4043. Please click here for the school’s Child Protection policy


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