This week has been very exciting for Red and Blue Class.

We have been introducing new learning opportunities to the children, including the mud kitchen. They know to put on an apron and wellies to keep clean, well cleaner! The children enjoyed using this to make cakes, soup, paint their names and roleplay. They described the mud as squishy, squelchy, soggy and sticky, some children added water to see the effect this would have on the mud. We have seen this being used for collaborative learning, communicating about what they are making and using their imagination. 

On Wednesday, the children went in to the hall for PE. They practised moving around the room, looking where they were going, stopping on a cue and finding a space. Please encourage your child to dress and undress independently at home to support them in changing for PE. Please also remember to remove earrings or send your child in with Micropore tape.

All children now have a reading book in their bag. Please listen to your child read their book over 3 days before requesting a change and remember to write in their purple book once you have heard them. We will be putting a box by the door each morning, should your child require a new book could you please place the book inside the diary then in the box.

Mrs Barwin and Miss Lewis

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